3 Parenting Advice For A Stress-Free Christmas With Young Children


Holiday cheer, magic, and wonder are definitely brought by young children. But let’s face it, they also add a little complexity to the season. Mostly as a result of us, the parents, they have high expectations for the holiday. Teaching them the true meaning of Christmas is crucial. The most important thing is to enjoy the occasion with your family, including yourself. To that end, here are some parenting advice for Christmas that will keep you sane.

Don’t do it all

Parents are under pressure to give their kids the most magical Christmas experience possible. We want to do it all: buy and wrap presents, decorate the tree, play Santa Claus, stuff stockings with gifts, watch Christmas movies, buy matching sweaters, take holiday family photos, sing carols, and host dinner… the list goes on! The family soon becomes exhausted as the magic and joy quickly fade.

You don’t have to participate in them all; instead, pick a few to make an annual tradition out of and make the most of. Put your family’s values and the interests of the younger members of your family first.

Limit the gift-giving

Give your children just one present each to reduce your holiday stress and associated costs. When they’ve told you which gift they want the most, stop shopping after that. Small gifts can add up to a sizable sum, and you know in your heart that your children don’t really need all of those brand-new toys.

If you have to buy more than one gift, stick to the “four gift rule”: give them something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

Busy? Prepare some fun activities for the kids

The holiday season is undoubtedly a busy time of year. It’s crucial that the little ones are occupied so that you can finish everything you need to do! To give you time to wrap those gifts, bake some cookies, or just take a breath, prepare some enjoyable and engaging holiday-themed activities that your kids can complete on their own.

Starting points include a coloring book with holiday themes, red and green clay with Christmas shapers, or do-it-yourself crafts.

Most importantly, don’t neglect to look after yourself as well. It’s crucial that you are having fun during this time of year as well because, as we all know, children mirror their parents’ happiness. Happy holidays!

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