4 Advice on How to Pick the Best Dog Artists to Paint Your Dog’s Portrait


It can be difficult to choose the best dog painters to create a portrait of your pet. Your dog portrait should be flawless, skillfully painted, and exhibit your dog in the best possible way. Consequently, how do you go about locating the best dog artists? These are four excellent ideas to get you started.

1. View their pet portfolio

Look through the portfolio of your canine artist. Does their work appeal to you? Do you like the way they depict their dogs in their paintings? Will your chosen dog artist show you the original dog photo that the painting was based on if you decide to commission pet portraits from photographs? This is very significant because, although the dog portrait might appear to be well-done on its own, when compared to the original photograph the painting was inspired by, the portrait might not actually resemble the dog in the image, misleading you. The lesson to be learned from this is to constantly make sure to contrast the original dog photo with the dog painting. Only then will you be able to tell for sure if their dog painters are qualified to paint a portrait of your pet.

2. What type of canvas or oils will be used to paint your pet’s portrait, according to the dog artist in question?

I’m assuming you care about quality and want your dog portrait to be flawless. The canvas and oils that will be used to paint your dog portrait are, after all, the foundation of a perfect pet portrait. If your dog artist does not mention it, be sure to ask them. For instance, high-grade duck cotton canvas makes a great base for an oil painting, and Winsor & Newton oils are probably the best oils available in terms of purity and quality.

3. Does the website for your pet artist have a FAQ section?

Prior to placing your order, it’s crucial to understand what will happen if you don’t like your dog portrait—will you still be responsible for payment? If you ask your dog artist, will they make changes to your oil painting? Is delivery an extra cost or is it included? Make sure you ask your dog artist everything you want to know before ordering your pet portrait from photos, including the question of sales tax.

4. Are you willing to accept free advice from your dog portrait artist?

It’s crucial that your photo is sharp, in focus, and of a high resolution if you’re ordering a dog portrait from one. To determine whether your photo is appropriate, make sure your pet artist offers you advice.

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