4 Reasons to seek chiropractic care while pregnant


Recently, Thalia, a patient of mine who was six months pregnant, visited my chiropractic office. Although she had been experiencing slight lower back pain all along, she decided to call us because the pain had gotten worse. In my 37 years of practice, I have observed this quite frequently. The expectant mother can benefit greatly from chiropractic care during pregnancy. In this article, we’ll go over 4 justifications for getting chiropractic care while pregnant.

· Reduce lower back and hip pain naturally

Lower back pain is a common symptom for expectant mothers. Postural changes brought on by expanding belly put pressure on the spine and pelvic joints. The sacroiliac joints, which are located in the pelvis, carry a significant amount of weight during the final trimester of pregnancy. Misaligned, aggravated, and painful joints can develop. To realign the pelvis and relieve lower back pain during pregnancy, chiropractors can make safe, delicate adjustments.

· Increase fetal positioning by encouraging proper pelvic alignment.

Throughout the course of the pregnancy, the baby’s position in the uterus will change. The baby finds it challenging to naturally achieve the necessary movement when the pelvis is out of alignment. In order for the baby to position itself optimally during pregnancy and, particularly, at the time of delivery, chiropractic treatment aims to maintain the pelvis in alignment and the sacroiliac joints moving freely. According to studies, pregnancies treated by a chiropractor result in easier and quicker births.

· ameliorate daily living activities.

The pregnant woman’s daily activities improve when she is not in pain. She must be stressed out during her pregnancy. She can sleep and rest well, be more at ease at work, and manage household tasks more easily when she is pain-free. Additionally, the mother won’t have to take painkillers with negative side effects.

· Get rid of lower back pain that lingers after childbirth.

Long after giving birth, many women still experience lower back pain. I’ve had women come to me decades after delivery of a child saying: “I’ve had back pain ever since I had my child.” This is because the pelvis is crooked and the sacroiliac joints are irritated, resulting in persistent, chronic pain. A condition that can be treated with adjustments from a chiropractor is frequently discovered during a chiropractic examination.

I’m happy to report that Thalia’s lower back pain completely vanished after receiving several chiropractic adjustments to realign the pelvis. Throughout the rest of her pregnancy, she kept going to the chiropractor for occasional adjustments, and she gave birth to her daughter easily and naturally.

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