5 How to finally control your endometriosis


I want to take you by the hand and lead you toward the recommendations I would make if you were my best friend and asked for my assistance. This is your guide to finally taking some control over your endometriosis pain and symptoms.

  1. Minimise the sugar

Ideally, you should completely cut sugar out of your diet because it causes inflammation, which intensifies pain. Sugar is not your friend and there is nothing “treat” like about it. It will definitely make you feel worse to eat heaps of it and though you think it is giving you energy, it is actually depriving you of it long-term,

2. Walk daily

You will feel less anxious as a result of having endometriosis thanks to this. Being outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and promoting abdominal circulation are all beneficial. Without enough movement, stagnation will occur, resulting in old, foul blood and more painful periods. Simply move a little bit each day.

3. Meditate

We get better at making wise decisions as we become more aware of ourselves. Simply put, meditation helps you to become more aware of your actions and to slow down enough to observe what you are doing. When you reach for foods that you are aware are unhealthy, you will become aware of it. You’ll be aware of what stresses or causes anxiety in you. You’ll have the ability to look inwards while standing outside of yourself. On numerous levels, this is beneficial.

4. Stop resisting the pain

I am aware that this is a lot to ask. When we are in pain, all we want is for it to stop. We consider it carefully, conduct research on it, and think about it a lot! In addition, we fight it and despise it. By doing this, we essentially increase it indirectly. The next time you feel pain, try to just sit with it. Don’t add to it or judge it. Let it stay in your body without giving you a reason or a signal to act further against it; just sit with it. Keep your anger at your body at bay. Don’t resent it. Put an end to your broken talk. Just observe it like a passing cloud and repeat to yourself: “This too shall pass”.

5. Pick a superfood to add into your day

There are a ton of them, and they all have extraordinary healing abilities. Try acai berries, cocao nibs, or wheatgrass shots. Pick one, give it a shot, and work it into your daily schedule. You will be saved by these. Your body will recover with their aid. The nutrients you probably lack are provided by them.

These are merely some simple concepts to get you going. When you are prepared for more, reach out and try them.

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