5 How To Give Kids A More Meaningful Christmas


When most kids hear the word “Christmas”, the first thing that comes to mind are presents. Giving and receiving gifts during the holidays is undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects of the season, but that is not all there is to it. The true significance of Christmas can be easily overlooked, so it is our responsibility as parents to instill in our kids its true value.

Here are some ways to make Christmas more meaningful for kids:

Get the kids involved in Christmas shopping

Children need to understand that giving is just as important as receiving.

That’s why it’s a great idea to involve them in your holiday gift-buying! This will help them shift their attention away from themselves and toward learning the value of helping others, especially those who are significant in their lives, and making them happy.

Kids also enjoy participating in activities. They can even assist with gift-wrapping and offer fun gift suggestions for the entire family!

Teach them the importance of giving back

In relation to giving, the holidays are the ideal time for kids to learn the value of helping others. Participate as a family in a neighborhood event or charity, or just give the less fortunate what you no longer need.

This fosters the Christmas spirit in children by enabling them to understand the struggles of others and the fact that they can have a significant impact in their own small ways.

Encourage making handmade gifts

Another important thing for the little ones to learn is “it’s the thought that counts”. To be meaningful, gifts don’t have to be costly to give or receive. Encourage them to create handmade presents for friends and family in order to impart this knowledge. The gift could be a cheap store-bought item or a simple card, drawing, or DIY project that is more thoughtful and personalized.

Focus on other fun holiday activities

Children should be taught that Christmas is a very special time of year and that there is much more to look forward to than just gifts. Discuss with your children other aspects of the holidays that they enjoy. Let them know what your favorite Christmas activities are as well; besides baking cookies, playing in the snow, and watching holiday movies, there are lots of other enjoyable things to do!

Start a new fun family tradition

Having traditions that are specific to your family is one way to give the holiday season to kids more meaning. Talk to them about starting a new one that would inspire them each year while remaining grounded. It might be as easy as taking a drive around the neighborhood and taking in all the holiday decorations and lights, or it might involve getting dressed up for a family photo in front of the Christmas tree.

You could also do a “good deed day” where one has to do a good deed for family, relatives or friends.

Follow these simple steps to make Christmas more meaningful for children to show them the true meaning of the season!

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