A Tragedy Survivor Explains How Love Heals in a New Book


Jodi Suboor, a mother, wife, energy healer, and life survivor, has a new book out called Healing You With Love. It has elements of both a memoir and a book on personal growth. Jodi describes her upbringing in it, including how she felt unloved after her parents’ divorce and felt she had to put others’ needs before her own.

But this book is not just a memoir. Jodi explores the pain that life can bring us and how that pain all too frequently results in making poor decisions as a means of coping in an open and honest manner. These poor choices for Jodi frequently involved relationships with men who took advantage of her. Jodi, who didn’t like how she was treated, fortunately maintained her strength and learned from each experience, including how to treat others poorly.

Jodi’s struggle was exacerbated by the fact that she was involved in not one, but two horrifying car accidents that almost killed her and made her learn a lot about the process of recovering both physically and emotionally. But every challenging experience she faced only served to better equip her for the upcoming, frequently horrifying experience. Or perhaps the next gift in her life, because eventually, Jodi came to realize the Universe was not letting things happen “to” her but “for” her.

Not everything in Jodi’s life has been tragic. She met and fell in love with a wonderful man, and they got married and had a son. However, Jodi’s joy was short-lived as she transitioned into survivor and caregiver mode after learning that her husband had pancreatic cancer. Driving her husband to and from appointments, she would keep a bucket nearby for him to throw up in. Even this, though, was only preparing her for increased suffering after his death.

After some time, Jodi remarried, only to find herself caring for her ailing mother-in-law. Jodi comes out of these stories as a strong, upbeat, and giving person, proving that the Universe truly believed that there was nothing Jodi couldn’t accomplish. She has learned to mend many of her past relationships and is now happily married and the mother of two children.

I consider Jodi to be a hero because she has learned how to handle the worst that life has to offer while also managing to find the positive aspects of it. She shares the techniques she has discovered for drawing good into her life. She has gained knowledge about methods for balancing the mind, body, and soul, and we can find many tools to assist us in overcoming our own challenges in her story.

A toolbox section that shifts the reader’s attention from Jodi to them at the conclusion of each chapter of Healing You With Love invites us to consider what we have read and how it might relate to our own lives. The use of tools like retrospective analysis, unlearning ingrained coping mechanisms, and adopting new, healthier ones can help us work through the problems that might be preventing us from fully appreciating life.

Moms, wives, widows, single people, caregivers, and anyone else who has experienced a particularly trying time in life will identify with this book. Jodi demonstrates how, even in the midst of chaos, we can learn to trust that the Universe is watching out for us and leading us in the right direction. Her story is one of great struggle, but also of amazing gifts, and in the end, it is one of the most calming and life-affirming books I have ever read. As Jodi quotes Gary Zukav as saying near the end of the book, “You will eventually realize that love is the only thing that exists and that love is the only thing that heals.”

I sincerely hope you will read Healing You With Love if you are going through a difficult time right now so you can get some of the answers you need. I firmly believe that this book will alter the course of many lives.

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