Anthony Fauci’s Big Lie: The Indictment


The evidence revealed here indicates, using a grand jury strategy, that Dr. Massive amounts of information demonstrating that hydroxychloroquine is a secure, affordable, and successful treatment for COVID-19 have been purposefully ignored by Anthony Fauci. His actions continue to result in avoidable pain, suffering, and death because he disregarded his moral obligation as a doctor to first do no harm. Evidence also supports what President Trump said and did in the beginning to educate Americans about the advantages of hydroxychloroquine.

1. The Case

Due to restrictions on doctors’ use of a safe, efficient, and affordable treatment medicine, the number of COVID-19 cases and fatalities is rising. This is true despite the fact that numerous studies and data from other nations demonstrate that HCQ is effective in reducing death rates and preventing affected individuals from necessitating expensive hospitalizations and care.

Explicit acknowledgement that Anthony Fauci has used his considerable influence and power to obstruct use of the medication and prevent doctors from exercising their best judgment is absent from discussions of hydroxychloroquine use. The media have not linked two incidents that resulted in deaths: 1. Nursing homes are being compelled by some state governors to accept elderly patients who have been exposed to viruses; 2. The government forbids the widespread and early use of HCQ.

2. Reluctance to condemn Fauci

Nearly everyone appears to be reluctant to publicly denounce Fauci’s actions and call for a change in his stance on HCQ, which would also have an effect on the CDC and FDA.

Through frequent media appearances far beyond what is typical for a medical researcher, he has established himself as the king of virus medicine. He works for a research organization, not a government body that oversees public health or approves medications. Fauci has steadfastly refused to acknowledge his error, making him as much of a tyrant as a virus expert.

In this vein, an Australian government official has recently condemned the ban on using HCQ:

“The Hippocratic oath’s first principle, “do no harm,” has been broken by health bureaucrats.’… and they must lift their bans. They should be brought before The Hague’s criminal court if they are found to be committing crimes against humanity.”

Some Americans hold President Trump responsible for the high numbers of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities. But they have more justification to hold Fauci and his epidemic of HCQ lies responsible. At the end of this article is a “political” solution. It might widen the availability of HCQ that has been stored.

3. The Evidence

The proper and efficient use of HCQ, which has already prevented millions of deaths worldwide during this pandemic and may prevent millions more, is demonstrated in this article through numerous citations of publications and thorough information, just as it would in a grand jury.

In conclusion, the evidence suggests that HCQ should be taken very early, either at home in the initial days following a positive test result or after symptoms were determined to be significant by a doctor, or in the initial days of hospitalization. Evidence also suggests that HCQ should be taken with zinc and an antibiotic like doxycycline. Such a “cocktail” can stop the virus at its earliest stage before the very severe second stage.

The Economic Standard’s new white paper argues that “Since HCQ has satisfied the necessary burden of proof, it implores U.S. news media, public health community, and regulatory agencies to stop politicizing the use of this medicine… opponents have deprived many tens of thousands of Americans of a potential life-saving procedure.” Like other reports, though, this one omits Fauci’s crucial contribution to stopping the widespread use of HCQ.

A recent Italian study of 3,451 hospitalized patients found 30% less mortality, which is better than the figures for the widely praised but extremely expensive drug remdesivir in hospitals. A 66% decrease in hospital patient deaths was discovered in an earlier, smaller Italian study. There was a 65% reduction in a study conducted in Belgium with 8,075 hospitalized patients. Similar results were obtained by a recent Saudi Arabian study, which discovered a 43% decrease in hospitalizations and a 45% decrease in ICU admissions. In Spain, HCQ reduced the risk of a poor outcome in half for patients in high-risk nursing homes.

HCQ alone had a mortality rate of 13.5%, HCQ plus azithromycin had a mortality rate of 20.1%, and neither treatment had a mortality rate of 26.4%, according to a significant study by the Henry Ford Hospital System.

A new analysis by R. Clinton Ohlers is title, “The efficacy of hydroxychloroquine was concealed.” A prior, well-known study found that HCQ was ineffective for New York patients. In truth: “Survival rates for hospitalized patients who received the drug approached 85%” and “with azithromycin the survival rate rose as high as 90%.” Without either drug, “survival fell to levels as low as 53%.” Conclusion: “a highly effective, inexpensive, and widely available treatment for COVID-19 is already available.”

Similar to this, Brazilian researcher Dr. Watanabe reexamined a Minnesota study that came to a negative conclusion. For very early HCQ use, he found that “reduction in symptomatic outcomes is 72% after 0 days (first day of infection), 48.9% after 1 day and 29.3% after 2 days” – all compared to a placebo group. Conclusion: “If treated as soon as possible, infected patients may benefit greatly.”

Cover Up: Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

It is obvious that many media-hyped studies claiming HCQ has no benefits are unreliable. A few articles from medical journals have been withdrawn.

An article by physician Norman Doidge is “A shocking investigation into how a well-known, inexpensive drug turned into a political football in the middle of a pandemic is presented in Hydroxychloroquine: A Morality Tale.” Conclusion: “Before COVID is controlled globally, [HCQ] may save a million or more lives.” Some studies had poor design. In one case “the patients were given the medication late – on average 16.6 days after the first symptoms.”

Another important study is: “A country-based analysis of early hydroxychloroquine therapy.” Critical finding: The death rate from the virus is approximately 74% lower in a number of countries, including the U.S., where HCQ has been made widely available (the treatment group)., where it has not been made available (the control group).

Numerous doctors and virus specialists, most notably Dr. Yale University’s Harvey Risch He has argued in favor of using HCQ as the typical outpatient therapy on numerous occasions. The target audience for this article is broad. In a medical journal article, he warned against “sitting by and letting hundreds of thousands die because we did not have the courage to act according to our rational calculations.”

Fox News shows have featured skilled pro-HCQ front-line medical professionals, such as Dr. Dr. Marc Siegel, Dr. Stephen Smith, Dr. Marc Siegel’s father, 96, was saved thanks to HCQ. Dr. Janette Nesheiwat Mehmet Oz and Dr. Risch who noted, “We’re basically fighting a propaganda war against the medical facts” and that “75,000 to 100,000 lives will be saved” if the national We used the HCQ stockpile. In an interview with Dr. George Fareed, a pioneer of HCQ, recently appeared on a radio program.

Prescriptions for HCQ are now available in retail stores (not through mail order), according to a recent CDC publication. There were probably 680,000 prescriptions for the virus from March through June of this year. Prescriptions averaged 80,000 per month in May and June following the government crackdown. Many reduced death rates may be explained by this limited use.

Additionally, despite unfavorable actions by some governments and the World Health Organization, the Sermo survey of doctors in 30 countries discovered that for the month of September, HCQ was being used for 22% of patients outside hospitals, 21% inside hospitals, and even 14% in intensive care units.

4. Problems with Fauci’s Positions

RCTs are the only type of study that Dr. Fauci is content with. The claim that HCQ has harmful effects and that its risks outweigh its benefits has been thoroughly refuted.

Thomas R. Frieden, former head of the CDC, concluded in 2017: “RCTs have important limitations despite their advantages.” He favored using a variety of other data types, which together make up the current body of evidence supporting the use of HCQ.

Similarly, Norman Doidge observed: “RCT stands for rigidly constrained thinking, not randomized control trials, which is how it should be understood.’ in the current To decide how to handle the COVID-19 situation, we cannot just rely on the long-awaited RCTs, as so many people [including Fauci] are insisting.”

It’s significant that hundreds of medications, including hydrocortisone, Lasix, the tetanus vaccine, insulin, tetracycline, warfarin, heparin, prednisone, half of cancer chemotherapy medications, and uses of HCQ for numerous illnesses, including malaria and lupus, have been approved without RCTs.

Another false criticism has recently been debunked: “The heart’s events are reduced by HCQ. There should be no restrictions on HCQ in COVID-19 patients due to the risk of cardiac death.” Another study concluded: “For a brief course of treatment, giving COVID-19 patients HCQ is safe… causing… no directly attributable arrhythmic deaths.” Dr. James Todaro concluded: “It is extremely unlikely that use of hydroxychloroquine would cause fatal cardiac cases. Arrhythmias and cardiac injury that occur during the hyperinflammation phase of severe cases of COVID-19 are much more likely to be brought on by the illness itself.”

An article by Steven Hatfill, “Why Is Information About Hydroxychloroquine’s Efficiency Against COVID Suppressed in the Media?” noted, “Currently, hydroxychloroquine has been shown to be effective in treating COVID-19 infections in 53 studies.” The early Fauci and FDA strategy, which encouraged HCQ use for hospitalized patients (when it was typically too late) rather than early outpatient use, is also highlighted.

The Doidge article noted that for a major study that found a 66% reduction in hospital deaths from use of HCQ, Fauci “didn’t seem excited.” The key question: “Why would someone dealing with a pandemic want to discount drugs that might save their lives?” The money made by selling drugs and vaccines, which is billions of dollars, is the answer. One of the top vaccines being tested by Moderna is covered by patents held by Fauci, who has a close working relationship with pharmaceutical firms.

In a thorough open letter to Fauci, three front-line doctors in August presented the scientific justifications for removing the restrictions on the widespread use of HCQ. “Your medical judgments are largely accepted without being contested. You are the COVID-19 Czar in actuality… Unnecessary deaths among Americans must stop. Both adults and our children must start working again. More harm has been done to Americans than the coronavirus by locking down the country while we wait for a defective vaccine.”

The justification provided by Fauci for rejecting the overwhelming body of evidence in favor of the use of HCQ was refuted in a significant article by an epidemiologist. Conclusion: “With all my heart, I wish Dr. Fauci changes his mind about supporting HCQ and regains his previously solid reputation.”

Schachtel noted, “Mad scientist Fauci wants complete U.S. shutdown until Arrival of COVID vaccine: There is no evidence to support Fauci’s assertion that he can influence society to stop the virus. Either he is a victim of the delusion of control, or as part of his power-crazed quest to maintain the limelight, he has fully embraced deception.”

Dr. Lee D. Merritt unraveled the question of why Fauci has been so negative about HCQ: “If not to claim the $20 HCQ regimen is of “unproven benefit,” why is he so vehemently promoting the $3,600 remdesiver and ignoring it virtually entirely?” Exist any competing interests? She mentioned that Fauci is a crucial member of a coalition for vaccines, specifically the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), a partnership between Fauci’s organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Additionally, Fauci is a member of the ‘Decade of Vaccines’ Council’s Leadership Council. Large sums of money are allocated by the Gates Foundation to and around Fauci’s projects.

5. Indictment justified

We have an effective therapeutic, so continuing to use the crippling lockdowns Fauci advocates is absurd. Local and state lockdowns could have been avoided if HCQ had been used sooner and people had known that the virus had little effect on young, healthy people.

It’s stupid to wait until widespread vaccination with a tested vaccine to support reestablishing our society and economy. Fauci would have been aware of the enormous number of harmful health effects of lockdowns and the need for a widely adopted vaccine if he were a true public health official rather than just a medical researcher. He has not.

In conclusion, because Fauci rejects the HCQ facts, people suffer and pass away needlessly every single day. Instead, he constantly promotes masks, lockdowns, and vaccines in his media interviews and statements.

Anthony Fauci gains from inaccurate perceptions of HCQ in the primarily leftist press. From The Washington Post: “There is no conclusive scientific proof that COVID-19 treatment with hydroxychloroquine is effective.” Similarly, Twitter recently issued a warning “about the potential risks” of HCQ use. USA Today claimed science “has shown [For COVID-19 patients, HCQ has no clinical benefits and may even increase risks.”

6. Indictment specifics

For this grand jury proceeding, substantial evidence supports the indictment of Fauci on these counts:

A. Breaking his doctor’s promise to put others before himself.

B. Using his considerable power to prevent the widespread use of the proven safe, affordable, and effective HCQ, resulting in the avoidable pain, suffering, and death of many thousands of Americans both directly and through immobilizing lockdowns that have their own detrimental effects on health.

C. Restricting the practice of traditional medicine and denying doctors the freedom to choose the best COVID-19 treatment for their patients based on their best judgment.

7. Solution

Here is a workable strategy to thwart anti-HCQ campaigns and the leftist, anti-Trump media and, more importantly, assist Americans as a form of trial for the accused Fauci.

Establish a special task force under the White House Pandemic Task Force right away. Have Dr. Scott Atlas, who is currently a Task Force member, and renowned Dr. Harvey Risch from Yale University Select 10 more members from among them. Specify that they must provide a recommendation on whether to lift current limitations on the use of HCQ by the government or keep things as they are to the Task Force and President Trump within 30 days. Let truth prevail.

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