Are You Afraid of the Dentist?


Making an appointment alone can be extremely stressful for some people. The good news is that we believe in providing each of our patients with the support and care they require. We also provide a variety of sedation options to ensure that you have the most comfortable experience possible during your treatment.

What can we do to lessen your stress?

Since we at Dental on Clarke are aware of these tension-inducing emotions, we have designed our office to be calming and consoling. Before creating a treatment plan that is best suited to your specific needs, we communicate with each of our patients and take the time to understand your concerns.

We include sedation options and a different local anesthetic delivery method as part of our services because they help patients feel more comfortable during treatment. Nitrous oxide, also referred to as “happy gas,” general anesthesia, and sleep dentistry are among our sedation options. We also provide “the wand,” a cutting-edge technique for administering local anesthesia. We’ll go over the advantages of each of these choices with you in light of your individual requirements and the type of care you need to receive.

What is happy gas?

Nitrous oxide sedation, also referred to as “happy gas,” is a medication that relieves anxiety in patients while momentarily dulling mouth sensations.

A special mask that fits over the nose is used to inhale the gas through the nose. The gas itself has a slightly different effect on each patient, and the mask is very comfortable to wear. However, the outcome is always calming and gentle. After inhaling the gas, dental procedures can be carried out without discomfort.

You will be awake throughout treatment if happy gas is used. If you need to ask any questions or have any concerns, you can talk to your dentist. Once the gas is no longer inhaled, the effects only last a few minutes, and you shouldn’t experience any side effects after treatment.

How does general anesthesia function?

Those who need a high level of sedation during dental procedures and are extremely anxious have the option of undergoing general anesthesia. For patients who are unable to receive treatment in the chair, general anesthesia—also referred to as sleep dentistry—can be provided at our on-site day surgery facility.

You won’t feel anything during sleep dentistry, and you won’t remember your procedure afterward. The length of your recovery and any potential side effects will be discussed with you by your anesthetist.

What is ‘the wand’?

‘The wand is a substitute for local anesthetic administered via syringe. The “wand,” a cutting-edge piece of technology, is a computer-assisted system that administers local anesthetic drop by drop. Most of the time, the procedure is completely painless, and there is no stinging that is frequently connected to conventional injections. For patients who experience needle anxiety, it’s a fantastic option.

Is it worthwhile to have sedation dentistry?

If visiting the dentist causes you a lot of anxiety, you may postpone necessary dental work, which can cause minor issues to develop into painful, challenging, and expensive problems down the road. Individuals with dental phobia can receive the necessary care thanks to sedation dentistry. The sedation and anesthesia options are very effective today because of advancements in the field of dentistry, and they make dental procedures very tolerable.

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