Care for Feet and Ankles During Pregnancy


While being pregnant can be one of a woman’s happiest times, it also comes with a number of daily difficulties and health issues. One of them is pain in the foot and leg during pregnancy. Foot care is a crucial component of pregnancy care, but sadly, in India, this area of health care does not receive as much attention.

The pressure and stress on her lower body increase as she gains weight during the course of the pregnancy. There are other changes as well, such as a change in the center of gravity and an increase in hormonal flow, many of which cause foot pain and swelling.

1. Flat Feet or Over-pronation

Overweight people may experience back and calf pain as a result of the flattening of their foot arches. While metatarsalgia may cause pain in the ball of the feet, inflammation of the plantar fascia’s fibrous tissue may cause excruciating heel pain. Numerous of these issues may be resolved with the use of supportive insoles or other footwear. When pregnant, foot and ankle support is increased with the help of custom insoles or foot orthotics, which are medical professionals’ or podiatrists’ preferred methods of prescribing.

2. Swelling of the Feet

In their final trimester of pregnancy, many women may experience foot swelling or oedema. According to some estimates, women who are pregnant may gain up to 10 kg more weight as a result of blood or fluid retention alone. When a person is sitting for a long time, for example, the feet aren’t used very often and the fluid tends to gravitate toward them. So, doing some light exercise, walking, and stretching your feet can prevent your feet from swelling.

3. Foot Pain and Cramps during Pregnancy

Foot pain and cramps can also be brought on by hormonal changes. Some common methods for treating such pain or cramps include gentle movement and massage. To gently massage the foot arch with your thumbs, grasp the affected foot in your hands. Another effective method for easing pain and cramps is to push the toes outward.

Improve Foot Care during Pregnancy

  • Wear shoes with rounded or square toes rather than pointed toes. This is to account for swelling in the feet.
  • Do not wear high heels – opt for flat heels
  • Wear custom insoles that provide additional shock absorption
  • Get regular foot massages
  • Moisturise the feet daily to keep it well hydrated and avoid cracks
  • Wear surgical stockings, if needed, to improve blood flow
  • Do some gentle exercise of the legs to keep them active and avoid fluid build up

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