Case Study: Leveraging Personal Resources to Fight Anxiety


Since Dale’s previous panic attack, a few years had passed. As he participated in AAIT, the worry that had permeated his life like a constant current seemed to disappear.

The fear started to creep in as the pandemic approached. Anxiety turned to panic when his employer revealed the day of their business’ reopening. In the following days, a spate of panic attacks subsided.

Alongside reporting this experience, he told me he had an extremely important meeting following our time together so he needed to keep it “light.”

Normally, I’d feel compelled to treat panic as necessary but occasionally unpleasant wound care. Dale is well-versed in the scope and depth of AAIT. Additionally, he is very appreciative of the collaborative nature of this work. He IS AWARE that he can ask me for anything he requires.

Okay, let’s keep it amusing.

We talked about the traits, qualities, and characteristics that might give him a sense of stability. After identifying six characteristics, we engaged in “golden shadow” work. We used a “star application” of Deep PEAT 4, then an expansive meditation.

He felt better, and since I was unsure of what to expect in terms of the panic attacks, we kept the conversation light.

At our next appointment, Dale showed up on the screen, and you could see the calmness and peace on his face. He actually appeared to almost glow. I asked him if he had a new lighting setup, and we both laughed. He began by telling me that his week had been profoundly peaceful with a kind of steady ease.

The days ahead didn’t cause him any fear or anxiety, and he felt at ease. He also didn’t experience any panic attacks. To feel safe, he was aware of what to do. No longer “carrying the torch for worry,” he said our time together felt like an awakening, leaving him present focused at ease. He characterized it as soul-satisfying work that liberated him from the delusion that he could control things he actually couldn’t.

Curious about the traits he incorporated? In a single session?

– Clarity

– Joyfulness

– Connection

– Courageous strength

– Meaningful constancy

– Anchored

This is the beauty of being able to assist our clients in addressing pain AND activating the inner resources that glow like gold within and only require a little shining. What a shock it was to learn how much power such inner resources had.

What strategies do you employ to combat anxiety?

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