Chapter 43 of The Madness Chronicles


We’ll examine the COVID lockdowns around the world in our 43rd episode of the Madness Chronicles. Keeping this in mind, madness is a condition characterized by severe mental illness, extremely foolish behavior, and a form of frenzied or chaotic activity. Let’s take a look at some genuine COVID insanity.

The following details are taken from a recent report by Amnesty International on violations committed during the COVID lockdowns.

Zambia appears to be approaching the lockdowns with strict discipline. A police official recently told a journalist, “We beat you, we strike you, and then we put you in detention. You are fortunate if you manage to escape.” Three COVID demonstrators from Zimbabwe were kidnapped, raped, and tortured. After being freed, they complained about their treatment and were later detained again for making false statements.

A physician was detained in Russia for attempting to distribute personal protective equipment while breaking the law regarding international travel. She reportedly got hit in the stomach and choked before passing out. She was forcibly dragged back into the police station when she brought up the incident after being released.

There is video evidence of police using clubs to attack people during lockdowns in settings as different as India and Sierra Leone. Similar to South Africa, where curfew violations led to 18 fatalities, several people were killed during the first few days of the Nigerian curfew. Within the first five days of the lockdown in Kenya, seven people died and 18 were hospitalized. Mistakes seem to be punished across Africa?

A young man in El Salvador described how he was detained, beaten, and shot twice in the legs by a police officer. He was accused of breaking a national quarantine when he was discovered going to buy food and fuel. There are numerous videos showing Australian police violently detaining people for not wearing masks on YouTube. In one unsettling incident, they broke into the home of a young pregnant woman who was leaving her doctor’s office. She was taken away by the police as her husband and young child helplessly watched.

Several cases were reported in Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Romania, and Spain, among other countries in Europe. When people offered no resistance and posed no serious threat, law enforcement officials had no choice but to impose lockdown measures on them. 34 videos of police using force improperly during lockdown enforcement were verified by Amnesty International’s Citizen Evidence Lab, including one in which police in Spain beat and grappled a young man and his mother.

So they broke the rules, you might say. What if you disagree with the laws or the pandemic’s history, or both? Numerous people were detained in Turkey for speaking out against the narrative, and 12 medical professionals were tried in Venezuela for doing the same. 81 people in Kazakhstan have been charged for criticizing the pandemic.

How about a more localized area? The coronavirus stay-at-home directives in his county were questioned by a well-known California physician. Dr. Michael Deboisblanc, a trauma medical director for John Muir Health, claims he was let go as a result of a letter he sent to Contra Costa County, California, health officials. An authority one day, out the next.

A man in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, who was drinking coffee and chatting with a coworker outside was fined $300 for not wearing a mask. If you look a little closer, Manitoba has fined COVID violators $683,000 since the pandemic began. Compared to 2019, free speech doesn’t seem to be as “free.”

A good time to ask, “Do you see any hints here as to our future”? If you look back in history, you’ll see that Nazi Germany bans Jewish stores from being visited. Jews were then prohibited from working. So they were unable to own property. And the rest, well, you already know the story. Think we’re unique?

May this madness awaken us before it’s too late. Enjoy life, be healthy, and be on the lookout for the insanity among us until we meet again. Look around you; it’s outrageous; it’s 2020.

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