Confusing Questions


This year has seen a great deal of change in our world, and I frequently have questions for which there do not seem to be satisfactory answers. If you’re not sure about something, I wonder if you are either.

Here are some topics that I have been pondering:

  1. PANDEMIC SEVERITY – I previously mentioned to you that I was very ill in January, but that was before we began testing for COVID-19, so I really don’t know if I had it at the time. Why some areas were hit by the number of cases more severely than others baffles me. Statistics are being questioned by many because of faulty testing, poor record keeping and the idea that COVID-19 is sometimes used as “cause of death” even when other health conditions were prevalent. I am unable to confirm rumors that claim fewer than ten percent of those infected with the virus pass away and that every single fatality had received a flu shot. It’s difficult to know the truth, isn’t it?
  2. POLITICAL REACTIONS – The alarm has prompted the implementation of a wide range of political responses across the globe. Sweden, for instance, has never experienced a lockdown. Contrarily, a second lock-down that was recently implemented in Australia forbade people from leaving their homes for longer than an hour each day. Why?
  3. MIXED MESSAGING: I recall hearing experts say that wearing a mask can be harmful for a number of reasons back in March. It can weaken immunity, increase carbon dioxide intake, and collect germs. Even though there are no standards, guidelines, or guidelines for how to dispose of masks that might be contaminated with germs, many government agencies and organizations are now making mask use mandatory. For various events, different rules apply. We’re told that it only takes one person to spread an infection, but in some places, weddings and funerals can have up to 100 guests, and protests can have an unlimited number. Is it reasonable for a child to wear a mask in the bus or hallways of the school but not in the classroom? I’m confused!
  4. MISSING CHILDREN – Over the past few years, news has spread about the arrests of pedophiles who have been kidnapping and using children in rings to sell their sexual services to powerful people. It recently shocked me to hear one man state that 22,000 children are “missing” in the world every day, so I looked up statistics on the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children website. It cites data from the Government of Canada’s Canada’s Missing fact sheet, which shows that 45,288 kids go missing in this nation each year. 460,000 people go missing yearly in the United States. There are numerous other countries listed, and the numbers are astounding! These kids should be somewhere, right? Some people contend that the pandemic lockdowns are merely a smokescreen intended to keep us out of the way as the rings are destroyed. Is that conceivable?
  5. FINANCES – Until the 1970s, nations used the gold standard, which meant that all paper money was backed by actual metal. President Nixon changed it to the FIAT system, which permitted limitless money printing. Because of this, various nations incurred massive debt. Resetting with a Quantum global financial system and going back to the gold standard have become popular ideas. If this is occurring what should we be learning about terms such as “block chain”, “XRP”, cryptocurrency, as well as the value of gold and silver? Will the pandemic keep us so preoccupied that this kind of change happens suddenly?
  6. LEADERSHP – When people who criticize politicians acknowledge that they don’t vote, it always perplexes me. Less than half of those who are eligible to vote typically cast ballots in Canada. I never cast my ballot without first doing my research, and I always vote for the candidate I believe will be the most sincere and true to my neighborhood. Furthermore, I don’t understand how leaders can act unethically without suffering the same repercussions that regular citizens would.
  7. WHO IS LEAVING AND WHERE? The disappearance of well-known faces seems to be on the rise. Leaders like Canada’s Morneau and Spain’s King Juan abruptly resigned from their posts. It appears that Hollywood is no more. In addition to their shows being canceled, celebrities have stopped tweeting. Large company CEOs are leaving their positions. Even numerous well-known faces that we have known for years appear to have undergone plastic surgery. Very strange?

In no way am I planning anything or trying to stir up trouble. I’m just a curious person who has seen a lot of changes this year that I don’t really understand. I value truth and common sense, but many things today are simply illogical.

It’s time for me to expand my research in my search for the truth.

How about you?

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