Couples’ Unplanned Pregnancy Advice


Even though becoming parents is the last thing a couple would have wanted to experience in their lives, it is not unusual for them to find out.

In the minds of some young people, an unintended pregnancy can be mentally torturous.

I want to provide young people with unplanned pregnancy advice in this article so they can weather the storm if they ever find themselves in it.

So, what should you do if you find out you’re having a baby you didn’t plan on having?

1. The Boyfriend Should Support His Girlfriend

The moment you learn that your girlfriend is having a child, the first thing you should do is express your support for her. Reiterate your commitment to her and express your love for her.

Telling her that everything will be okay will also be encouraging. By choosing to accept you as her boyfriend, give her the impression that she made the right decision.

Avoid saying words such as, “How could you let yourself get pregnant, are you a child! My readiness for parenthood is lacking. It must be stopped; otherwise, it will fail!” You must swallow your pride in order to protect the baby.

Recognize that your girlfriend is experiencing a difficult time emotionally. Therefore, use language that will uplift her and make her feel calmer.

2. Accept the Reality

You both need to accept the fact that you will soon become parents for the first time. therefore, channels all your enegrgies and emotions into discussing what you will do now to salvage the situation, and not on blaming each other, accusing each other, and wallowing in self-pity.

3. Forget the Past

It is comparable to driving on a road with your eyes fixed on the rearview mirror to dwell on the past and the error you have made.

In order to learn from your mistakes and prevent them from happening again in the future, you should reflect on them from time to time. But you both need to focus on the journey ahead. Focus on keeping your gaze forward.

And forgive your partner as well as yourself. As a human, you will inevitably make terrible mistakes from time to time. Remind yourself of this.

Giving yourself forgiveness will help you both feel better so that you can use all of your mental resources to brainstorm solutions to the issue.

4. Choose to Be Resilient

For young people, an unplanned pregnancy can be very stressful, especially if you are both still teenagers. This is due to the internal changes you are already undergoing, which you occasionally find difficult to accept. Therefore, when such a bad external change is added, it can seem like the end of the world.

Therefore, you must make the decision to be resilient so that you can weather the storm and continue living your life. Resilience is the capacity to remain composed in the face of upsetting information or disappointing outcomes, as well as the capacity to grow and adapt to change.

Choosing to be resilient will help you in three ways:

· It will help you to endure the new situation so that it does not adversely affect your studies or your work;

· It will help you to look at the seeming terrible situation and see an opportunity in it;

· When you feel overwhelmed by your new situation, you are less likely to start using drugs or drinking alcohol.

5. Try to Be Patient With Your Lover

Your partner may experience a wide range of emotions if you become pregnant unexpectedly. As he or she tries to determine how to feel about the entire situation and which course of action to take to solve the issue, this will make your partner feel confused.

As a result, the person who was previously so loving may suddenly begin to treat you differently.

Therefore, you will need to practice some patience and try to comprehend that your partner might not be thinking clearly right now. This will make it easier to avoid misunderstandings and arguments that could derail your appearance as a loving couple. You need collaboration and teamwork right now, not division.

6. Estimate the Financial Cost of Taking Care of a Baby

Finding out how much you will need to care for your baby from the US Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion website is one piece of unplanned pregnancy in a relationship advice you should take into account. (

  • Think about starting a home-based business, taking on additional jobs, or working online. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, for instance, working as a writer or editor online can help you earn about $61,240 per year. Anyone with no prior experience can easily learn how to write and edit.

7. Choose Not to Abort the Baby

Some young men and women decide to abort a baby because they believe they cannot afford to care for a baby or because they believe they are ill-equipped to handle the responsibilities that come with caring for a baby.

This, however, goes against God’s prohibition against killing because, in God’s eyes, a fetus is a living being, and thus, killing one is murder in His eyes.

So, have faith in God and trust that He will provide for your needs in terms of caring for the baby. Remind yourself that if you decide to keep the baby, it can be a blessing for the two of you.

Also remember that you have choices you can think about. You could give your child up for adoption, for instance, or ask your family and friends to help you care for the child.


This is the unplanned pregnancy advice The most crucial thing to keep in mind in all of this, I have to tell you, is that if you use some of the advice in this article, you can overcome the difficulty and come out stronger and happier.

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