COVID-19 Immunity: Enter Through the Small Gate


Matthew 7: 13-14 puts it: “enter ye through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate that leads to hell”. Indeed, a very telling verse. Where exactly is this edifying verse directing us in light of Coronavirus? What does this verse specifically mean in terms of the spread of the Coronavirus in terms of general health?

The situation in this area should be much clearer by the end of this article. We are not at all powerless in relation to COVID-19; quite the opposite, in fact.

The truth is that each of us has within us the dynamics of prevention and healing, particularly with regard to the situation as it relates globally.

However, until we consciously engage with this protection dynamic and practically upload it into consciousness, scriptures like these retain only an intellectual value. This highlights the need for an esoteric interpretation rather than a literal one of the passage above. The state of the soul is not changed by a cursory reading of this or any other scripture.

It is more important than ever to take steps toward empowering oneself or having a direct encounter with the divine that is already present within each of us. It’s time to advance past limiting dogmas and belief systems and reach true spiritual maturity in God-Presence consciousness.

Keeping in mind that the word “church” in the Bible does not refer to an actual structure but rather to a person’s consciousness A person who seeks God within is referred to as a “Jew” in the Bible. The phrase does not refer to the Jewish people or nation. Thus, the inscription above the crucifixion reads, “Hail, King of the Jews,” which is another way of saying, “Praise be to the inwardly directed soul seeking their own Christ within.”

Therefore, this Matthew verse is speaking of our being ‘inwardly’, or in narrow gate status, as opposed to being outwardly, or in wide gate orientation.

We are all fundamentally seekers because we are all “inwardly” oriented.

In light of this, it is crucial to comprehend the key words in the passage above.


What does narrow and wide gates mean?

‘Gate refers to a path leading to sensory experience, and narrow refers to inward concentration.

Wide gate alludes to the outside world, to the constant activity of the disorganized mind, and to its attraction to or association with the trained five senses.

There are two gates as a result. A path leading to heaven and another to hell. The phrase “strait gate” refers to a gate that leads to heaven and “outer wide gate of sense consciousness” refers to a gate that leads to hell.

What practical considerations go into passing through the small gate? Where are these two gates, and how do you get through the little gate? Do we enter with our creeds, belief systems, or other things?

So, what exactly is the password?


The narrow gate is a mechanism for self-realization that is found in the brain and represents mental convergence. The wide gate operates according to the law of spiritual ignorance, which is referred to as hell here. The key phrase is “meditative silence.”

Our defenses against COVID-19 consist of mastering these two “gates” and actually using the password. By generating unbreakable immunity, it accomplishes this.

Commencing Inwardly

Initially, and with good reason, both gates represent polar opposite functionalities. We must select one gate standard over the other, therefore, as the explanation. After making the decision to turn inward, or enter through the narrow gate, we take concrete steps in that direction by starting the internal journey to directly know God. This process, which will be explained, is not difficult, but it does require commitment and dedication, especially in light of the intangible benefits of heaven and health.

Wide gate consciousness satisfies mind-senses only, while Spirit or narrow gate satisfies the heart,

Narrowing the focus

As a result, “the narrow gate” initially refers to NARROWING the WIDE gate: the active intellect. reducing the activities of the mind’s constant conscious thought and its attraction to the outside world. The senses become detached from their objects when the mental focus is narrowed, which transforms wide gate experiencing.

What good is it to conquer the world if we lose our soul in the process? is a phrase used to describe how wide gate activity results in the loss of one’s spiritual identity.

We are born into a wide gate standard, which necessitates the use of God-given faculties to create a narrow gate standard and open the door to awareness of the kingdom of heaven.

Miracle of Convergence

Thus, the wide gate’s narrowing represents a mental convergence.

By turning a wide gate into a narrow gate or into single-eye awareness, convergence acts as a miraculous process that makes it possible for both gates to work together harmoniously – “as above, so below.”

The brain can become accustomed to managing two states of awareness simultaneously: world consciousness and eternal consciousness—by repeatedly arriving at convergence. The brain could only function in mono before the dual state of awareness.

When converged state is attained, we are no longer subject to wide gate attractions’ dominance or ignorance-compelling influences and are instead free to make our own choices. The nervous system is able to simultaneously experience relative and absolute time as the brain re-calibrates from mono. Keeping in mind that we enter this world as monochrome images.

In other words, as convergence develops, narrow-gate-wide-gate changes to simultaneously become infinity and point awareness. I use the word mature because the nervous system needs time to adapt and become accustomed to withstanding waves of bliss because there is so much bliss on contact with point in mature narrow gate. As a result, the physiology does not adapt without constant practice.

Since there is no smaller than least, in the Bible, point is referred to as “the least among you.” The soul is freed to surf conscious infinity, the unpermeated state of Being, once we achieve mature “least”—point-contact, or mature narrow gate awareness.

Relevance of Aum and the Pineal gland

Now let’s introduce the Aum mantra, the means of convergence.

We must refine our mental faculties through convergence, as was previously mentioned, in order to transcend sense activity. By doing this, the brain becomes accustomed to the echoes of Aum. The universe’s soft humming sound is the aum mantra. The brain tunes itself to a cosmic or divine frequency when this holy vibrational sound oscillates at a rate of 1-3 cycles per second.

The pineal gland is located in the middle of the brain, and this subtle inner hearing of Aum naturally transports awareness there. When someone is in a state of meditation, their eyes will naturally move upward and converge between their eyebrows.

Some people may be familiar with some depictions of the crucifixion in which Jesus is shown with his eyes open and pointed directly at this convergence of the eyebrows while he is hanging on the cross. This is how the pineal gland is accessed for both spiritual and physical benefits. As a result, this gland represents point awareness or the narrow gate in the Bible.

The pineal gland is represented by a bust statue in the Vatican’s garden area. This symbol is never mentioned, but despite this, its occult meaning is crucial, especially in light of the current pandemic.

The pineal experience transcends all worldviews.

Biblical Jacob (a symbol for the soul that has not yet been saved) first saw the face of God (Bliss) in his pineal. ‘The phrase “face of God” refers to the representation of God that is just waiting to be stimulated into consciousness and into our lives as a direct Presence experience. Lower ego (wide gate), which is “crucified,” occurs in the pineal center. It is also known as “place of the skull” or “mount,” which means the highest point of awareness. In other words, during meditation, awareness transcends and changes into Mount awareness.

Optimizing inner hearing

Most people are familiar with the chanting of the sacred mantras Aum and Om.

We’ll now demonstrate how to experience this wonderful mantra in a purer manner.

We are only accustomed to hearing Aum at surface decibel level when verbal chanting, which is obviously beautiful. However, for many people, vocal chanting might not be feasible in small living spaces.

Let’s assume that the decibel level of our typical Aum chanting is at the surface. Start hearing verbally at surface level now and continue for, oh, let’s say, 30 seconds. After that, stop speaking the mantra aloud and listen to it inside yourself in silence as you descend into a “minus” decibel level of depth. The inner hearing gate is now being lowered to 4–7 cps (cycles per second), which is a theta healing state.

We can reach the so-called Delta state, where we can deepen to 1-3 cps, with consistent practice. This is the God-Vibration state.

A practice run

Close your eyes and take a seat. Start by hearing Aum on the surface for about 30 seconds, then shift to ‘hearing’ Aum silently inside.

For this reason we practice. If the mind wanders into wide gate, which it inevitably will, pause for about three seconds, then resume inner “hearing.” Each subsequent “hearing” will come from a more profound level. This threshold, which separates cosmic silence from surface activity, is equivalent to a state of health or divine consciousness.

we come to understand, that, point and infinity are equal: neither are permeated by time, space and causation. So, COVID-19-related problems are not present in this situation. And if everyone on earth regularly practiced point awareness or Pure consciousness, the world wouldn’t be as closed off as it is right now. But this will pass too.

Finally, we need to make Matthew 22–14 clear in order to finish Matthew 7–13–14 above. This verse is piotal.

It states:

‘Many are called but few are chosen’

The wide gate, narrow gate dynamic is directly related to the verse at hand.

The truth is that we are all already chosen or invited to the wedding feast and the kingdom of God within by virtue of our birth, and we are all welcome to do so by entering through the small gate. To put it another way, God has endowed each of us with the divine Potential to realize Godliness within consciousness. The ability to realize one’s own “image and likeness of God” is given to everyone and can be exercised consciously.

Thus, we “choose” or “make” ourselves “chosen.”

‘The realization of image and likeness is done in order to live up to the divine standard with a faith-filled consciousness. This faith is universal and applies to all facets of our lives, not just certain material possessions. As the cosmic standard of consciousness or direct alignment with God’s nature, developed silence is equivalent to developed faith.

Each of us has been invited to this divine standard or has been chosen. However, it is up to us whether or not we decide to attend the wedding feast, congregate, and pass through the small gate of silence. God does not compel or choose any of us in this context; instead, we choose ourselves.

The words “many” and “few” both mean “all,” “chosen” refers to our own decision to choose the narrow gate over the wide gate, and “few” means “none.”

Many people may initially face personal difficulties if they choose this path. However, that is exactly what it is meant to be: a challenge of transformation and integration. And because they did not make a conscious decision to find it, many people initially do not find the narrow gate.

We are urged to let go of sense consciousness in the aforementioned scriptures in order to practice meditation. In meditation, we exchange a wide gate for a narrow gate and a lower standard for a standard of divinity or a white garment. We will be dressed in white for the wedding feast thanks to our diligent meditation. Purification is attained by repeatedly passing through the small gate to obtain a white garment.

In conclusion

Meditating is like going inside the silence cave and coming out again. However, when we come out of the cave, we bring its pristine silence with us rather than leaving it behind. Every time we go into the cave and come out again, we become a lot more still and silent. As a result, each time you enter meditation, you can be sure that you’ll maintain the deeper cave silence that will eventually become permanent.

Since we have an immune system that is now unstoppable and was created by the convergence of narrow gates, we are therefore immune to situations like COVID-19. Blessings.

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