Exercises for Weight Loss in One Week


Accessing healthy weight can be challenging for some people due to their complete reliance on diets, without exercise, which is thought to be the best and quickest way to lose weight. Exercise helps you burn fat in the body, tighten it up, and achieve the desired weight without affecting your skin, whereas the majority of those who suffer from obesity lose excess weight through diet. If your goal is to lose weight in a healthy way, you’ve come to the right article because we’ll discuss exercises you can do at home.

**Weight Loss Exercises:

Do not give up hope that you can exercise alone at home if you want to exercise to lose weight but cannot afford to go to a gym or are embarrassed to exercise in front of others.

– Exercise 1:

You will need this exercise for light weights; stand up, place your feet slightly apart, and hold weights with your hands and arms above your head. Then, bend your knees slightly and cross your arms over your chest at the same time, holding this position for a few seconds before returning to the starting position and preparing the ball fifteen times.

– Exercise 2:

Support and hold a light object with your left hand, lift a leg from the back while bending your back forward to make your back horizontally straight and parallel to the ground, grab a chair to support yourself with your right hand and raise your left hand up and down, and continue these Bhdh movements for 20 seconds before placing the ball in your hands.

– Exercise 3:

Standing straight, raise your left leg up on a chair, and lift small weights with both hands. Next, raise your right leg back down to the chair, putting your focus on your left leg, and lift weights with your hands raised. to your shoulders at the same time, and prepared the ball fifteen times, then restart the ball with Change Legs.

– Exercise 4:

Lay on your stomach, slightly bend your arms and toes inward while lifting your hips and pulling your belly button inward to take the shape of your body. Hold this position for ten seconds, then come back to the starting position and prepare the ball five to ten times.

– Exercise 5:

Lay on your back with a boat between your legs. When you reach the top of Arfhma, squeeze your legs together until you are almost at your stomach.

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