Fear vs. faith, bravery, and composure


Fear is described in the dictionary as a negative emotion brought on by the perception of danger, threat, or the potential for pain. These thoughts are accompanied by numerous physiological hormonal processes that may have long-term effects on your health. Please continue reading if you are experiencing headaches, anxiety, digestive issues, or lack of sleep due to worrying about COVID 19, the election, paying rent and bills, enrolling the kids in school, returning to work, or any other number of things. Living in constant danger has detrimental effects on one’s health, claims a University of Minnesota article. Fear impairs immune function and can harm the heart and cause digestive issues like intestinal ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome as well as reduced fertility. Long-term stress can even cause accelerated aging and early death.

I question why, while consciously inducing potentially fatal hormonal changes in my body, I would put my entire life on hold and spend five months in quarantine in order to avoid a potentially fatal infection. My answer to myself was “I wouldn’t.”

Trust or calmness are the antithesis of fear. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I don’t work extremely hard to combat the stress during this quarantine, I’m wasting my time, no matter how hard I need to concentrate on relaxation or calmness. In the bible, God reportedly gives us at least 80 different instructions to not be afraid or anxious, according to the Huff Post. Evidently, anxiety and fear have existed for a very long time.

The problems with Netflix and chilling are in addition to the stressors. Long periods of sitting are linked to diabetes and heart disease as well. It has the potential to be just as harmful as Covid!

I am aware that my husband and, more importantly, our small dog feel the same way in our home when I feel anxious. She curls up under me and watches movies as well. After the first month of lockdown, when we actually agreed to binge watch a couple of our favorite shows for 5 seasons TWICE, we realized that if we didn’t come to an agreement on plans for exercising or meditating together every day along with activities that we do at specific times to mark the days, some sort of mental or emotional illness would set in to all of us. Isn’t this a really difficult time in life?

Since I’ve been a trainer for many years, I can’t tell anyone else what to do with their time, but I am aware that watching TV nonstop for months on end is bad for everyone! My suggestions are listed below.

First and foremost, the best thing you can do is walk every day if the weather and neighborhood permit it. If you’re frail, 5 minutes a day is a good place to start. Setting objectives for a future competition is a great idea if you’re young and healthy. I know I’m old, but when this damned thing’s over, I’m thinking about a career in corn hole and pickle ball. Up until now, I was unaware of how much I missed athletic competition.

I actively practice QiGong, which is what makes me feel relaxed after a walk. I frequently upload videos, and I advocate visiting YouTube for many shows. I adore the classes and lectures given by Mimi Kuo Deemer (click). She’s for real! There is an 8 move routine called BaDuanJin that is also demonstrated on YouTube, and it is a great daily practice. In reality, there are countless reliable videos available to watch if you decide to become interested in learning QiGong. I decided on QiGong because, at first, I found it difficult to sit still while my mind was yelling at me because I’m jittery and busy. I find it easier to practice a sitting meditation after practicing the movements while meditating.

It is crucial that we take a break from our current stressful situation. You must set aside some time to do something, anything, to prevent the stress hormones from raising your blood pressure. Some activities include playing your own music through headphones, playing waterfall or ocean sounds, or even relaxing music in the car. The stress hormone overload will be stopped and you’ll have a minute to relax your mind with a hot bath, nap, backyard sit-down, or anything else.

I send you good vibes and prayers if you’re freaking out because you’re unemployed. When I see politicians leaving for a vacation while no decisions have been made regarding unemployment, I go bonkers. They’ve departed for a four-day weekend, right? They have no idea that a hungry hard working person is checking the mailbox twice a day “just in case” anyway. This is why I advise you to switch the TV channel to funny pets for a couple of hours. The less time you focus on the news, the better.

Know that you are not here alone, no matter what you choose to do. Many people care about us, but some don’t. Ask for assistance with food if you need it. A higher credit card limit may be required; just ask. What some businesses are offering to the public may surprise you. There are good people out there who do comprehend the situation in which Americans are now.

Curiosity, trust, courage, or calmness are the antithesis of fear. Take a free online course to pique your interest, spend time conversing with people you trust, and get some fresh air outside! Perhaps we’ll cross paths on the pickleball court. THE DREAM WILL END. Take care, everyone.

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