Five Pet Photography Tips

#1 - Climb a TreeNo, not your dog silly. You! Climb a tree (preferably a sturdy one that is bigger than Charlie's Brown Christmas tree). Bring a

#1 – Climb a Tree

No, not your dog silly. You! Climb a tree (preferably a sturdy one that is bigger than Charlie’s Brown Christmas tree). Bring a treat and your camera. I love Canon cameras but any point and click camera will do. Take a picture of your pup looking up at you or drop a ball from the tree. Turn up your shutter speed and click away.

#2 – Go For a Dip in the Water!

Taking a picture of a dog running through the water without the “blur” effect is no easy task. Follow these steps to success: First, Set your camera to the running man picture (or Sports mode); Second, Crouch down and aim at the water; Third, Have a friend throw the ball in the water; Fourth, Click away as the dog swims back to you and exits the water.

Extra Bonus: Wait an extra minute and right when Fido shakes off that extra water -Click away! You will get lots of weird dog shaking, silly photos that will evoke a few laughs. NOTE: If you are not near a body of water – a hose in the backyard works great too!

#3 – Have you considered graffiti?

Graffiti walls and dogs are a wonderful combo! If you are in Denver, 29th Street between Walnut and Larimer has a fantastic display of graffiti. Put Fido in front (about 8 ft away from graffiti wall so you get that “magical” colorful blurry or “bokeh” background). Use either voice commands, cat meowing (thank you Leslie for this idea!), noise-makers or treats. Start clicking and TaDa! Dog Art for you walls!

#4 – Glass Table

Do you have an old glass table? Well, bring it out and let’s pop your dog on it. NOTE: This is ONLY for breeds under 20 lbs. I would never want to put a dog in harm’s way. (I can just see someone putting a Great Dane on a glass nightstand!) Position the table so that the dog is facing the sun. Turn off your AutoFlash (red line crossing out the lightning bolt). Get under the table and start clicking!

#5 – Get a Snack

Watching a dog eat ice cream tops my list of funny things to watch. Buy some non-chocolate ice cream (Note: chocolate is dangerous for dogs!) in a cone. Set your camera to Portrait (or the flower picture). Stay around 12 inches away from your dog’s face (that gives your camera some room to focus) and start shooting. The best part is when it gets all over their face! BTW – Grab yourself a cone and Indulge too! Fido should not have all the fun!

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