Get a Jump on January and Avoid Holiday Temptations!


Most people desire a sense of security, perhaps even more so during the holiday season. It can be challenging to feel secure during the holidays if you struggle with a food addiction, though.

Everyone is aware that the holiday season brings food temptations. It is simply assumed that we will consume those foods, put on weight, and make the same weight-loss resolutions as we did the year prior.

The fact that temptations are present constantly—every day, all day, even more than usual—makes this situation worse. Long lines, huge crowds everywhere, parties, the financial strain of giving gifts during the holidays, and many more seasonal stresses are not helpful.

Emotional eating can and does result from these stressors. Additionally, the delectable foods are nearby if we feel like succumbing to emotional cues.

Which Holiday Stress Is Worst?

the worst pressures come from family. Who’s the “food pusher” in your family?

All season long, a client of mine and her mother would argue over food. Mom would prepare the holiday treats her daughter loved. My client informed her mother that she didn’t want the treats because she was trying to lose weight. She advised mom to avoid them as well because they were unhealthy.

Mom continued to promote the homemade treats and didn’t alter her behavior at all. Never did my client come up with stronger justifications. It took me some time to realize that my client wanted the battle to end badly. It was her “victim” excuse to eat the holiday foods.

What Alternate Actions Are Possible?

Suppose you want to succeed this holiday season. You can feel safer by following the advice listed below.

• To lose weight, improve your health, improve your mood, or gain more energy, set your goals for health right away. Make December “Your Month of Health”

• Eat healthy foods instead of junk food to support your goals.

• I use efficient high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that can be completed in 10 to 12 minutes each day by anyone with a busy schedule.

• Even if it is repeatedly offered, avoid bringing food home from holiday parties.

• If you are unable to decline the food, stop at the closest trash bin on the way home and throw it away. DON’T pretend you won’t eat it when you take it home.

• Bring a healthy dish, such as a salad, roasted vegetables, fresh fruit, and nuts for dessert, if you’re attending a potluck.

• Pay attention to your loved ones and friends. Ensure the safety of others during the holidays. Pray for everyone you encounter and send them love and healing thoughts.

Having discipline is necessary for this. BUT!

Because you’ve established clear goals, temptations won’t tempt you as much. It will feel secure this month. And you’ll feel safe.

“You exert a little more effort, eat a little better, and perhaps go to bed a little earlier each day.” – Jonathan Horton, gymnast

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