Get Some Sleep – Rest, Rejuvenation & Rewards

Get some sleepIt my weary friendYour soul will keepRest, revitalize, and rejuvenateSleep will cause you to invigorateAwake with newfound

Get some sleep

It my weary friend

Your soul will keep

Rest, revitalize, and rejuvenate

Sleep will cause you to invigorate

Awake with newfound strength

Therefore don’t delay to retire today

At the end of a long hard difficult day

Lay to rest your cares and concerns

I realize your mind is oh so forlorn

Yet when you’ve come to the end

Of yourself physically and mentally

It is then you must roll your burdens

Upon the Creator, the Lord of glory

To undertake and mightily uphold thee

While you rest and get happily dreamy

Journey away to deep sleep and REM blissfully

Where you will have visions of joy and paradise

Perhaps meet some new friends who are nice

Experience some lovely places and situations

Therefore drop your concerns and frustrations

Get under your covers, curl under the blankets

Get ready to fall fast asleep, stopping all thought

Let the subconscious mind emerge and run free

It shall be a great release for you mentally

Why is it therefore many fight against sleep?

When sleep nourishes our bodies and souls

Sleep removes anxiety and makes us whole

60 Minutes extolled the importance of sleep

Remarking about how it enhances memory

Enables mental alertness, slows physical aging

This matter of sleep is to be taken seriously

Without proper rest you’ll have no sexuality

Sufficient sleep restores your energy and arousal

So the men and women can attract and dazzle

One another with good looks and verbal hooks

Imagine the one who forgoes sleep altogether

They have bags under their eyes and are drowsy

Unable to function physically, slow mentally

Irritability and anger skyrockets enormously

When the proud deny themselves of sleep foolishly

Such arrogance is not for me, neither such inactivity

I shall go to sleep purposefully and awake powerfully.

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