Having a Child While on Covid


Covid, covid is all we hear at the moment, it seems to be continually on the news morning noon and night. All of our lives have been altered by it. disrupted family life, destroyed businesses, shut down schools, and left parents to deal with homeschooling while frequently attempting to work from home.

Loss of employment has resulted in extreme hardship, and for many people—especially in disadvantaged areas where high-rise apartments exacerbate the challenges of parenting—using food banks has become a way of life. Families struggle even more to function when there isn’t enough space inside or outside. Loneliness and depression are pervasive.

Just lately there have been many new mums on TV shows feature women talking about how lonely it was to give birth during a lockdown. Along with the anxiety of contracting the virus and protecting their unborn children before and after delivery, especially during hospital visits, there has also been the loneliness of having to go to scans and give birth by themselves.

Covid has been a burden for everyone and will continue to interfere with our lives for months or maybe years to come. However for new mums if has made these early months even more difficult without the help and guidance or family members due to lockdown.

Imagine: Terror sets in as the front door closes. You are stressed, sleep deprived, and alone with your new baby. You’re suffering from the baby blues, terrified that you don’t know the answers, and your brain is mush…

Would the following scenarios’ answers be helpful to you?

  • How to deal with feeling overburdened when you first become a parent.
  • When you’re feeling uneasy and your baby is wet and slippery, how to make bath time safe and stress-free.
  • Easy step-by-step stress-free potty training in days not weeks plus 3 reasons when it is better to delay potty training
  • How to make bedtime go smoothly with happy kids and no tears.
  • How to handle tantrums from the Terrible Twos and those you can’t avoid.
  • The straightforward strategy to keep everyone content and avoid sibling rivalry.
  • Why praising someone rather than criticizing them gets better results and is more rewarding.
  • Why socialising and learning to share are important life skills.
  • Why responsible freedom and fun are important for development
  • Many helpful solutions to walk you through the first 5 years

Solutions for your problem areas make for STRESS FREE PARENTING and a happier easier way of life

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