How Does a Woman Manage Her Hormones?


There are a variety of things you will do if you are a woman who is experiencing hormone imbalance issues and you want to find ways to deal with this. You need to start with a blood test before you can even start looking for a solution. But not just any test; your reproductive hormones—estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone—should be the first types of blood tests you have done. These three areas are the ones you need to focus on because they will reveal your test-taking levels. Your cortisol, DHEA, and androgen levels are the next tests for your Adriano glands. Additionally, you should have your thyroid glands tested; thyroid antibodies as well as your T4 and T3 levels are crucial. You should next have your vitamin D levels checked because, contrary to popular belief, vitamin D is actually a hormone rather than a vitamin. The truth is that many women and those following vegan diets who eat only plants are actually deficient in vitamin D and are unaware of it. Consequently, you may not be getting enough vitamin D if you have trouble losing weight or notice your hair is thinning. Fasting blood glucose is the second blood test you must perform in order to measure the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood and check for diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Get rid of all chemicals from your makeup, skin care, and cleaning products. Your skin absorbs about 60% of what is applied to it, so doing so will help balance your hormones naturally. It is crucial that anything you put on your body is made of high-quality ingredients. Try to stay away from products that contain chemicals, such as some skin care products. Check to see if the products you use on your skin correspond to the foods you consume. Endocrine disruptors, which include pesticides and other substances that interfere with your endocrine system and have been linked to cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other disorders, are widely used in consumer products today. You have access to a helpful tool in the form of a straightforward app that you can download to your smartphone. The Apps is called “Think Dirty”, it’s also free.

Eating good healthy fats is yet another natural way to improve your hormone imbalance. This is crucial because a lot of people, particularly in the vegan community, think that following a high-carb, low-fat (HCLF) vegan diet is the only way to go. The reality is that it doesn’t work for everyone, and you are better off keeping an eye on your intake of fats and making sure you get enough of them—I’m not talking about processed oil or fried foods, here. You must realize that everyone is unique; some people can tolerate and enjoy eating less fat, while others thrive on eating higher amounts of fat.

The next concept regarding hormone balancing that you must comprehend is stress reduction. There are many things you can do to manage your stress, but they are not covered in this article. Nonetheless, here are some advice that may be useful. You must start reducing your caffeine intake if you are caffeine-dependent. Have you ever experienced the caffeine shakes, where your brain has a breakdown and you feel like a strange, anxious crack addict? You don’t need the added stress that this can cause. So, significantly reduce your caffeine intake. You could also try exercising regularly and doing easy exercises as a stress-reduction strategy. The most important thing is to occasionally move around and make some sweat, as this can help with some types of stress. Yoga, meditation, listening to calming music, and other activities can all be done in the morning to get your day off to a good start. It is always preferable to see a qualified intuitive or a dietician with solid knowledge of female hormone imbalance no matter what you do to help you balance your hormones. More please see: Acidaburn

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