How Tea Can Help With Weight Loss

Green tea can help reduce body fat by 1.6 percent according to a recent study published by the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of

Green tea can help reduce body fat by 1.6 percent according to a recent study published by the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. In this study, fourteen men were divided into two groups – a control group and a group that took 571 milligrams of decaffeinated green tea extract.

One must note that the study was done on men with an average age of 21 and that they were required to cycle regularly throughout the duration of the study.

But the real question is, how does tea help in weight loss?

We keep hearing about tea as a good beverage for those who would like to lose those extra pounds but what is the science behind this claim?

Experts say, green in particular contains catechins –a type of antioxidant that has fat-burning properties. A study done in 2009 says green tea catechins and caffeine contained in the beverage help regulate body weight.

It was reiterated in this particular study that these two components work synergistically. But what of the study about decaffeinated green tea mentioned above?

Evidence about green tea and its fat-burning effects are mixed and often, one would read a number of scientific claims that go against each other or at the very least, have different or contrasting details.

According to an article published by Penn State in April of 2014, green tea and exercise help in weight loss and the combination also boosts a person’s overall health.

High Fat Diet, Decaffeinated Green Tea, And Exercise

A research done by Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences says that mice who were on a high fat diet but were also given decaffeinated tea extract experienced weight loss and overall health improvements.

During the 16-week study, the mice also exercised regularly. Body mass reduction was at 27.1 percent with a sharp reduction in abdominal fat by 36.6 percent.

In terms of other health benefits, the study shows a decrease in insulin resistance among the mice — a substantial benefit for people with diabetes. Earlier studies on green-tea show that a compound found in this type of tea also has the ability to destroy cancer cells.

This compound, scientists say, is epigallocatechin-3 gallate also known as EGCG.

Human trials with green tea showed an average weight loss of 1.31 kilograms, according to Penn State – giving weight watchers a good reason to drink tea more regularly.

If you remember the study done on 14 men, where decaffeinated green tea was used, findings from the Penn State study show that the absence of caffeine enhances the effects of regular exercise.

This was confirmed by food scientist, Joshua Lambert, which leads us to the conclusion that decaffeinated tea works well for people exercise regularly.

Other Types Of Tea And Weight Loss

Tea and its effects on body mass reduction have been studied in a number of universities around the world but what about other types of tea? Is it possible that there are also other teas that one can drink to lose weight?

A variety of Oolong tea called Wuyi is said to be a good weight loss supplement but according to experts, science does not back this claim.

Pu-erh, a type of black tea, on the other hand, is said to prevent weight gain based on an animal study. It also reduces LDL cholesterol according to the same study.

Tufts University scientist Diane L. McKay, PhD says though that it is important to incorporate healthy drinks in one’s diet on a regular basis to reap health benefits.

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