How to Make Nursing Your Baby Simpler


Everyone is familiar with the adage “breast is best,” but how does a new mother get ready to breastfeed?

Your midwife will give you tips on how and when to breastfeed, but she might not let you know what you need or what breastfeeding aids are available.

So, here is my guide to breastfeeding aids.

The Nursing Bra

You don’t want to be fumbling with your bra while you’re out and about trying to feed your baby covertly. To make breastfeeding simple and comfortable, nursing bras have drop down clips above the cup. Due to the increase in breast size, you typically need to get measured two weeks prior to giving birth. The best nursing bras, on the other hand, only come in one cup size, saving you the uncomfortable trip into town for sizing. Simply place an online order using your current chest measurement (for example, 36)

Nursing Tops

There are many different nursing top designs, all of which make breastfeeding simple. For instance, while sleeved tops frequently have a lift-up panel, some Cami style tops have clips on the straps that resemble nursing bras.

Breastfeeding Butterflies

Breastfeeding Butterfly Shawls provide excellent discretion. The infant is fed while being carried in a sling that hangs over the mother’s shoulders.

Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding can make nipples sore and cause them to dry out and crack, increasing the risk of mastitis. Apply a nipple cream like Lansinoh at the first sign of any soreness.

Nursing Cushions

The nursing cushion is made to hug the body of the nursing mother and offer a raised platform to support the baby as they feed comfortably. But it also serves other purposes. Many pregnant women use it to support their backs, as a cushion for their knees, or as a wedge to rest under their stomachs while dozing on their sides. When a baby is about three months old, they can rest in the pillow’s arms to help with digestion, and once they can sit up by themselves, they can be wrapped in the pillow to protect them in case they fall backward.

Breast pads

Breasts frequently leak even when not in use. Breast pads absorb extra milk, preventing stains on your clothing. These are offered by the majority of chemists.

Muslin Cloths

The muslin cloth has numerous uses but the principal uses for breastfeeding are:

1) After your baby has latches off of your breast, wipe away any extra milk from you and the baby.

2) After winding your infant (since they frequently feel a little queasy after a feed), wipe them down.)

Nursing Nightwear

It’s challenging enough to feed your baby while you’re half asleep; you shouldn’t have to contend with your nightgown. Nursing nightgowns and pajamas function similarly to nursing tops and are also very cozy.

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