In the new workplace, reducing the use of the D-word


Based in Singapore, I write and lecture about business. I’ve just started the second year of the Covid pandemic as of the time of this writing. Wear your mask, social distancing, and Zoom are three expressions that I have never heard used in conversation. I don’t like any of them at all. Since I am a lecturer and like to move around the classroom while wowing my students with my multimedia PowerPoint show, I am not sure which word I detest the most—possibly Zoom.

However, the focus of this article is not one of these three evils, but rather a D-word that is not Death. Rather, it is Depression.

I want to offer advice on how to prevent employees from getting to the point of using the D-word that is aimed at the HR department and business owners. (Of course, if any of the readers here are already clinically depressed, please get prompt medical attention.)

Well-thought of Meeting Agendas

Every meeting needs to have goals that need to be accomplished and things that need to be done after the meeting. Unless the business situation has suddenly changed for the worse and a change in corporate strategy is necessary to prevent the company from failing, there shouldn’t be any WhatsApp messages sent after meetings.


I’m advocating that all businesses move forward and employ a distinctive corporate mask design to aid in the bonding process. There is no longer any question that donning a mask is acting responsibly and is a small price to pay for opening up physical working space after so much medical literature has been displayed.


To ensure that nobody feels excluded, there needs to be a strong push for all employees to receive the Covid vaccine. The morally right thing to do in order to remain on the team is to get vaccinated.


Many workers have reported feeling worn out by Zoom in feedback. A quick fix is to add some mobile games using Kahoot to the Zoom session to break up the monotony. Your team may have actually felt this way whenever you gave lengthy PowerPoint presentations with small font sizes.

Vending-machines with free products

The business should offer free-product vending machines. You did not read something incorrectly! The data will be logged in with a time stamp to your personal records each time you press a button to purchase a product. If your performance falls within a mutually agreed-upon target, your immediate supervisor will give weekly approval. If your business has many different vending machines, this will lift your spirits.


Given that the majority of us still work from home, Covid must be given a certain amount of trust in its current state. Since it is difficult to use the conventional performance metrics, the term KPI can gradually be dropped. To help top management determine how they can continue to offer mentoring advice, it has been suggested that each employee submit a weekly report. If workers are unsure of their bosses’ appreciation for their work, depression can set in.


Many bosses do not know that TikTok is now the “IT” thing with many people. It resembles a significantly condensed YouTube video with Instagram savviness. The benefit of TikTok is that staff members can make amusing videos together to take a much-needed break. In 2021, corporate bonds will be issued in this manner.

I’m hoping that these ideas will make it easier to get rid of the D-word at work right now.

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