Inner Child: Is Someone’s Desire To Be Alive Taken Away By Their Wounded Inner Child?


Despite the fact that some people are vivacious and eager to live their lives to the fullest, there are others who aren’t and find it difficult to do so. This does not imply that the former will always be ecstatic or the latter will always be depressed, though.

What it does imply is that there will be a glaring distinction between those who fall into the first category and those who do not. Their lives will differ greatly in numerous ways.

The First Experience

When it comes to the former, a person might discover that getting out of bed in the morning is typically not difficult for them. One could argue that staying in bed past a certain hour would prevent them from making the most of a fresh day.

This might indicate that they have a calling rather than just a job. Therefore, what they do for a living won’t just be something they do to make money; it will also be something they enjoy doing and have a positive impact on other people.

A Fulfilling Area

When not doing good deeds for others, they might hang out with uplifting friends. Having these loving, encouraging people in their lives will be very beneficial to them.

If they are dating someone close to them, they will be with someone who shares their values. One will lift their partner up in the same way that this person will lift them up by showing them love and care.

Going For it

It will be simpler for them to take risks and pursue bigger goals if they have the support of their friends and their partner, if they have one. They would probably play small if they didn’t have this support.

Of course, having the drive and desire to be here on earth will make a significant difference. If they do experience a setback, it might not take them long to recover thanks to their own strength and the encouragement of those around them.

Looking Back

If they were to look back on their lives, they might realize that they have been this way for as long as they can remember. They will then occasionally have experienced being knocked down and having little energy, but this won’t have happened frequently.

A loved one’s death or the breakdown of a relationship could have caused them to fall when they were knocked down. After something like this, it’s normal to feel bad.

The Second Experience

With regard to the latter, a person might discover that they typically find it challenging to get out of bed each morning. In that case, getting out of bed will require a lot of effort, and they might not see the benefit of doing so.

Once they’ve gotten out of bed, they might be forced to go to a job they detest in order to make ends meet. Going there won’t make them happy, but leaving there will undoubtedly make them feel relieved.

An Unfulfilling Area

Even if there are people nearby, they might not be very devoted and helpful. Alternatively, they might be, but since they have essentially lost the will to live, their actions might not have much of an effect on them.

They might not have ever been in a committed relationship, or the ones they have had may not have been very satisfying. Even if they are in one right now, it might not be any better than the ones they have previously had.

Life Will Be Endured, Now Enjoyed

As a result, they are unlikely to feel inspired in almost any aspect of their lives, and they are accustomed to having very low moods. They typically fit the description of being depressed because of how they feel.

It will feel as if they are missing the vitality that so many others have. Saying that they have a “chemical imbalance” or that they were just born this way are two possible explanations for this.

Another Angle

A different perspective on this might be that they harbor a wounded child who has given up on life deep within them. As a result, even though they will no longer be children, they will still possess the inner child.

Whether or not they are in touch with this part of themselves won’t matter because this child will influence, among other things, how they feel, behave, and what experiences they have. If they no longer want to be here and have given up on life, it may indicate that their formative years were not at all nurturing.

A Very Traumatic Time

They may have only occasionally, if at all, had their developmental needs met. Being abandoned and even physically hurt might have happened on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

In the end, they would have felt like a burden and that this period of their lives would have been a living hell. They would have felt a strong urge to end their lives because of the pain they were experiencing at this point in their lives.

No Other Option

It would have been impossible for them to escape or fight back, so ending their life would have been the only way to end their suffering. Even an adult would have found it difficult to deal with what they went through, much less a young child whose brain had only recently begun to develop and who was completely dependent upon others.

If they ever experience strong urges to commit suicide as an adult, it might be the result of this severely hurt child. To their conscious mind and even to others, the desire to die may seem irrational, but once they connect with their inner child and understand what this part of them went through, it will make perfect sense.



If someone can relate to this and is ready to make changes in their life, they may need to seek out outside support. With the help of a therapist or healer, this can be accomplished.

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