Inspiration for Waking Up in the Morning


When it’s time to get up, sleep for some reason seems to come easier and sweeter. Ah, if only it were possible to just roll over and close your eyes! However, try

. Starting Small. Open your eyes, and take off your pajamas. You’ve now passed the most difficult part! Now slowly ease yourself into a sitting position and put on your slippers.

Stretching Start extending your arms. After that, stretch your legs. Just be careful not to stretch your legs too much or you’ll get cramps.

Visualizing. Do you know what you’re going to wear and how your day will go? Meeting? Lunch? anticipating a particular activity?

Exercising One sit-up and one posh-up are a good place to start again. Play some music, dance, or watch a talk show. Every morning, Howard Stern was something I looked forward to and listened to. He was risqué and entertaining. Which brings me to the next tip/

watching a favorite talk show on television. Howard Stern’s show was something I eagerly anticipated each week, and I enjoyed his humor. Only when I had guests was it difficult for me to focus. She just so happened to hear Howard Stern’s commentary, like one of my aunts. which appalled her, How could you possibly listen to that? With all due respect, I feel awakened and in need of a laugh as you ask. It’s how I start my day

Playing games. Count the seconds as you take a shower, a bath, or style your hair. If you were playing a game, what would you do if you only had ten minutes to finish? How long would it take you, if you were running late, to do these? Five minutes? I understand that you don’t want to consider being late. But it does happen, and running away is not the solution. Just keep in mind how long each task typically takes. To expedite the process, use one or two shortcuts. Could you still accomplish your goals if you skipped some tasks to save time? What could you, if necessary, skip? All of this is preparing you for that dreaded time for the time being.

Getting more sleep by going to bed earlier.:ike an hour or two earlier, You won’t want to sleep. During that time, you’ll probably toss and turn a lot. After all, turning in earlier is a practiced habit. It may take a few days to acclimate yourself, but trust me, it works, You’ll sleep longer and find that getting up in the morning isn’t so bad—-or difficult, And become healthier as well,

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