Integrity is a personal endeavor


I have a strong belief in the healing power of the mind-body connection. We are all spirits that inhabit physical bodies and have souls (mind, will, and emotions). The only way to truly be whole is to have alignment throughout your entire being. You can’t just concentrate on your physical health while ignoring your spirit and soul and expect to be truly healthy. It simply cannot be done. As integrated beings, we.

We frequently switch from one “health” product to another while still experiencing physical symptoms and feeling worn out, overburdened, and confused. The issue is that we never really deal with the cause. In the same way that taking any medication is not the only way to heal yourself, you cannot simply take a few supplements and expect them to magically solve the issue.

Being healthy requires both internal and external work. For health and weight loss, what you eat—how much of it, how it tastes—is unquestionably important. Never would I argue against that. But your choices and the way your body reacts are influenced by your beliefs about it and the way you think about what you do.

If you are certain that changing something will bring about healing, increased energy, or weight loss, you are more likely to stick with it, and it will frequently produce the results you anticipate. The placebo effect’s fundamental premise is just that. People are given inert sugar pills that have no capacity for healing. However, they are informed that the pill will solve their issue and that the strength of their conviction is what actually brings about healing.

Shouldn’t we be paying more attention to our thoughts and beliefs if they have that much power, which they do? The same holds true for weight loss and all other aspects of health.

To transform from unhealthy to healthy, from burned out to balanced, I’ve discovered that combining what you put on your plate, what you think about it, and yourself is the KEY. You must properly hydrate your body with clean water and high-quality, one-ingredient foods, but it’s also crucial to nourish your spirit and soul. I feel that many other plans overlook that aspect of Today is Still the Day. Even if you’re thin, you can still be unhealthy. Dietary changes are only one piece of the puzzle.

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that we must take into account our ultimate objective. Sure, you might want to lose 25 pounds, and perhaps you really need to for the health of your knees or heart. Recognizing that the extra weight is a symptom is crucial. You must identify the underlying cause if you want that to change permanently. That’s why “diets” don’t work – they are temporary and only address the symptom. In the end, you want to be a strong, healthy person who can enjoy life to the fullest.

That is what real health and wholeness entail. You can’t just concentrate on losing a certain amount of weight or fitting into a certain size of jeans in order to do that; you also have to take care of your spirit and soul.

Health is more than simply being free of disease or being a certain size. I would therefore be willing to bet that you will have a lot more success if you pay attention to the whole person rather than just the diet or the scale.

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