Is Cold Weather Good For Testosterone


Perhaps you were unaware that variations in blood testosterone levels are correlated with changes in the seasons. If so, you are not by yourself. A study that was just released in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism looked at free and total testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH), which is a hormone in the brain that stimulates the testicles to secrete testosterone, and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which is a protein that binds to estradiol, dihydrotestosterone, and testosterone to carry it throughout your circulation; when its concentration is changed, it significantly affects the 1,549 male residents of Norway who experienced these effects were studied.

The results were very intriguing. Oct. and Nov. saw the highest levels of total testosterone. The peak was less dramatic in February. June had the lowest total T levels. August marked Free T’s lowest point, and December marked its highest. Similar to how testosterone behaved, the subjects’ waist-to-hip ratios did as well. The highest they had ever been was when T was at its lowest. Thus, subjects were leaner in the colder winter months. At this time, there were also the fewest number of daylight hours. Additionally, there were significant fluctuations in hormone levels, with a difference of 31% between the high and low points.

Maybe they should all relocate to the Aleutian Islands, all those people from Southern California. Alternatively, it could be an evolutionary adaptation for people who live in regions with extreme weather changes (like extremely cold winters). The pattern in Norway at least indicates that the winter season is when testosterone is most abundant.

When it is 10 degrees outside, it doesn’t sound very appealing to sit in your lawn chair and talk to your neighbors about grilling steaks. So, as a result of evolution, men have higher testosterone levels, making them better suited for engaging in romantic indoor activities with their girlfriends or wives. You have to admit that it’s a very enjoyable way to pass the time during those long, chilly winter months.

It Bites To Get Old

The testosterone levels of six healthy young men (aged 24) and seven healthy middle-aged men (aged 47) were measured at night to see if there were any differences that could be attributed to age. The young men’s nightly average testosterone level was 60.6 ng/ml, whereas it was 43.4 ng/ml for the middle-aged men. The LH values were also higher in the middle-aged men. Additionally, the older guys had 3.8 testosterone pulses per night as opposed to the younger guys who had an average of 6.7. It appears that young men have high testosterone levels by nature. I suppose middle-aged people make more money. Maybe they can get their doctors to prescribe them some extra testosterone.

Good Steroid

Adrenal glands contain the steroid DHEA’s manufacturing facility. According to some research, middle-aged and older people who take a daily dose of 50 to milligrams may feel better overall and have more muscle mass. Older males with improved immune function after five months of DHEA supplementation. Although it was initially promoted as an anti-obesity steroid, it is evident that it is not an anti-obesity hormone in humans.

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