Is Your Own Pet Really Allergic To You?


Pet Allergies

It goes without saying that dogs and cats are possibly two of the most allergic pets ever known to man. I adore animals, and I can honestly say that having two pets—a dog and a cat—has helped lower my blood pressure. They not only force us to get out of bed in the middle of a snowstorm to take them for a walk, but they also spend countless hours playing and cuddling with us. In a word: Priceless!

Please don’t give your beloved pet away if a brief moment of cuddling with them results in sneezing, eyes watering, or even hives. You can only imagine how bewildered he or she must be after being rejected once more right after being introduced to this wonderful family. We’re here to let you know that there is another option, though.

This kind of allergy symptom is present everywhere, it doesn’t seem to matter where you are. You’re not fighting alone in this battle, which is good news. What’s the bad news??? Let’s just say that the bad news is something we can deal with!

It can have an impact on younger children, adults, teenagers, and even older people. That includes everyone, indeed! You, yes you, and I included.

We perform this procedure to cure a person’s allergy to animals. In essence, you have to hold your breath for five minutes while dipping your head into the toilet bowl. Any shorter period of time would require starting over from scratch. Oh, and there must be plenty of urine in the toilet bowl from six days ago.

You’re correct if you say there’s no way I’m going to do that. There is no way I would ask you to do that! I’m just trying to be funny in a sick way. I know, I know. You can get back at me later—much later.

Okay, so here is what you actually need to do. Brush the upper back, above the buttend, and under the belly to collect a sample of the hair or fur. This is contained in a zip-top bag. You should have collected approximately a “25 cent piece” of hair or fur samples. If they have more than one of each, you can separate the cats from the dogs; otherwise, keep them all together, like cats, in one bag. A sample of your real dog or cat’s fur or hair will be put on the machine at the same time. Finally, you can be rebalanced at this point.

The process of eliminating any dog typically takes 2-3 sessions, in contrast to foods or seasonal allergies. Cats will need three to four sessions, which is even worse. Nevertheless, once the allergy is treated, it either goes away permanently or for a period of 3-5 years.

Why do dogs and cats need 2-3 sessions while dogs and cats need 3–4 sessions? That’s simply what was discovered, I don’t know. But if you had a dog or cat allergy, wouldn’t you prefer to be free of it than have it linger?

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