Life-saving benefits of music education


The value of music education is widely acknowledged. It should come as no surprise to anyone that taking music lessons can aid a child’s developmental process. Language and literacy skills are improved through music lessons. Children who study music will see an improvement in their academic performance. They are more self-assured, self-controlled, disciplined, focused, memory-improving, and socially adept.

Children who struggle academically in school or who haven’t yet discovered their passion or drive can be saved by music. Children who struggle to discover their passion frequently find themselves in undesirable circumstances (in trouble). Early on, children must discover their strengths. “Some children need to move to think”, (They can’t be chained to a desk all day, says Dr. Ken Robinson. They might learn better through kinesthetic learning, visual examples, audio examples, or both. Some students learn best through practice. It’s critical to find a music teacher who comprehends this.

Over the years, many students have come to us because they are struggling in school and don’t know what they enjoy doing or what they are good at. They have never taken music lessons before, and their parents are scrambling to find a hobby that their kid will enjoy. We frequently notice a complete transformation in a student’s personality when we do manage to match them with an instrument they feel a connection with. If given the chance, music can guide students in the right direction. Learning songs and playing techniques are only a small part of it. That student’s life gains a completely new focus through music that was previously lacking. They appear different overall, as we observe. Their attention shifts drastically. A major development has occurred!! We notice an improvement in the student’s academic performance (and interest in school), and they are more upbeat, proactive, and confident. They are more worried and focused on the future, and frequently, their circle of friends changes—often for the worse.

“Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

“You are the people you spend time with.”

When I was growing up, I used to detest hearing this, but now that I’m older, have taught for a while, and have seen students develop, it’s amazing how accurate this statement is. This admirable role model can be a great teacher… this friend.

A child must start discovering their strengths at a young age, and this is crucial. Do not rely on the educational system to assist you in identifying your child’s passion. Parental involvement in this process and development is necessary. If your child exhibits an interest in movies, music, or other forms of art… feed that passion!! Bring them to a live performance or buy them related movies or magazines, or take them to the library to find books on the subject they are interested in. Find a mentor or an inspiration in that field to help them advance.

Last but not least, it would be a grave error for your child to think that they lack merit, are unworthy, aren’t smart, or will never succeed simply because their grades in school are poor.!

There are numerous successful business owners who had C averages or lower in school, that are now running very successfully businesses, on an international and global level, that have those A+ students with bachelors, masters, and PhD’s working for them.

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