Make your relationship more enjoyable and humorous


There is typically a lot of laughter and fun in a relationship when it first starts, when you go from just dating as single people to becoming a unit of some sort. It’s a lot of fun to just be with each other at this romantic stage of a relationship because you’re both feeling optimistic about the future and love.

The feeling of being high, however, tends to fade away as the relationship develops and becomes deeper. At this point, the desire to be treated as an individual reappears, and power struggles start. Every relationship goes through this phase when the enjoyment, the playfulness, and the laughter start to wane. The spontaneous play and the unexpected bursts of laughter gradually decrease in frequency. A stable relationship adds an extra layer of safety, which dampens human brain activity related to playfulness.

The majority of people believe that since fun, intimacy, and laughter are natural human emotions, they should be left to our lives’ actual circumstances. However, this hardly ever works. We tend to take our relationship and our partner for granted as daily stresses mount, as we become more preoccupied with work and other activities, and as these factors compound. From our former, carefree selves, we drift further and further away. Couples must devote the necessary time and attention to it. They must consciously decide to make time for play and fun. They must confront this problem. Although it may seem like a strange idea, scheduling fun actually works. Most of us are so busy that we rarely have time for enjoyment on a daily basis. And if we can schedule time for work, being with friends and children, and for other things, why not for fun?

Anyone, regardless of age, can benefit from laughter and play for their mental health. There is evidence to suggest that both physical and mental health are improved in people who laugh more and enjoy themselves more. Make it a point to laugh for at least five minutes every day, rolling around on the floor and giggling aloud. Find a way to incorporate play and laughter into your daily life as a couple. Do something playful with your partner at least once a week, as well as try out some enjoyable recreational activities. Go on a date, leave the house, and do something simple and enjoyable. Try to devote at least half of your free time to romantic activities that you can do together. Both your relationship’s health and your own mental wellbeing depend on you and your partner playing and having fun together.

The body’s natural painkillers, endorphins, are released during laughter, which also makes you feel good. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way for you to develop a deeper connection with your partner. Every now and then, take a few days off to enjoy a fun getaway. Make an effort to connect with others and add fun and laughter to your situation. Find a hobby that both of you enjoy but haven’t had time for recently.

Make fun of yourself and give yourself a mental shake whenever you notice that you are taking yourself too seriously. Discover the humor in the circumstance by viewing the two of you and the situation from the outside. Decide to laugh instead of cry.

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