More people are killed by fear than by death!


Many of us have experienced 1,000 deaths, and the majority of us aren’t even aware of it. It can be difficult to recognize all the minor, barely perceptible deaths that we all experience as a result of the choices we make on a daily basis. When faced with these choices, we frequently opt to accept second best because that’s what human nature has conditioned us to do. Every time we give in, we reinforce the idea that we are still not worthy by passing away in silence.

We must choose whether to take initiative or to behave normally all the time in this world. The majority of us only know how to act normally, so here’s some news for you. In other words, acting normal is defined as leading a quiet life of desperation in which we typically settle and the American Dream is always just out of reach.

Acting normally is a life of quiet desperation. Take a moment to reflect on that statement and feel its gravity. Aren’t we constantly hoping in silence that no one will realize we fall short of the image we present to the world? Don’t we occasionally experience fear or anxiety throughout the course of the day without even being able to identify their purpose?

Yes, you comprehend what I am referring to. I’m sure you’ve experienced it as well. It’s a life of quiet desperation and settling. a thousand deaths to death. It’s common, and the good news is that this story we tell ourselves is built entirely on falsehoods! Therefore, don’t worry about all of these fictitious negative emotions since they are all lies. To get us to and far beyond the American Dream, we still have plenty of fuel in our tanks.

Now, young people, go learn, take charge, and pave the way for a better world for all of us. Always keep in mind that fear kills more people than death. Only one person can be killed by death. So stand tall on your feet and cast aside fear as you slay that dragon of “I’m not good enough”. And once more, thank you in advance for everything you do and will do…

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