My Review of Pregnancy Without Pounds by Michelle Moss

When I first saw the book, I didn't pay much attention to it. For me, the story about pregnancy is not so interesting anyway. I have some scientific

When I first saw the book, I didn’t pay much attention to it. For me, the story about pregnancy is not so interesting anyway. I have some scientific and some medical science background. But that doesn’t create my interest in dig deep into this subject. Not until my sister got pregnant and she asked me for the advice. I didn’t have enough solid information to give her on what she should do in order to have safe and healthy pregnancy. I therefore looked around the net. And I therefore found pregnancy without pounds. This article will be about pregnancy without pounds review.

The book is written by a health and holistic coach, Michelle Moss. She claims to be a professional in this training and health career. From what I read about her, I also believe that she is one. Michelle wrote pregnancy without pounds from her own experience. She got pregnant. Although her interest was in health and nutrition, she could not find some good information on what to do. She did the research and found out the ways on how to have healthy pregnancy. She also found many ways to keep you look good when you are pregnant and get back in shape fast after the delivery.

The book contains a few essential elements on pregnancy including:

-How you can avoid gaining in the area that you don’t want.

-How to lose weight easily after giving birth.

-How to stop the increase of cellulite due to pregnancy.

-How to eat properly and avoid puff face. Also avoid varicose veins.

-How to stop craving of food.

-How to avoid pregnancy acne and many other tips.

-How to strengthen you core strength which is the vital part of your body when you are in pregnancy period. You will need strong core in order to get through all the pain and discomfort from pregnancy.

I didn’t know much about how to use the knowledge but my sister was the one who use the information. At first, she didn’t believe on the information given. But after I got one for her, she madly read the books in the package. She then came back to me and start doing something as was told in the books. I noticed that she looked stronger and had a better mood during her pregnancy.

After the delivery, she seemed to get thinner faster than what I have seen from other pregnant mother. I then asked her whether the book was good. She just briefly told me that she only used some information and she think it is worthwhile doing so. She seemed to be quite happy in pregnancy without pounds according to what I noticed from her.

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