Ode to My Lovely Sons

You are always there to make me smileIrrespective of how my day wentWhether I walked more than a mileOr just bring you flowers with good scentYou stil

You are always there to make me smile

Irrespective of how my day went

Whether I walked more than a mile

Or just bring you flowers with good scent

You still make my day beautiful

You are here to prove my fertility

With you Motherhood is truly graceful

Your presence in my world brings me joy and great ability

I remember how it was before you came

Pains, cries, worries and harsh words

Yet I kept the vision of the day I will have you to name

This vision drowned the pains and harsh words.

Though I dreaded the mornings then

For fear of what I was going to face

I prayed and cried, like I was in a den

I wore long face like it was my mace

Little did I know

That I was walking in ignorance

But when I cleaned my attitude with plow

Good treasures rushed in from a distance

Among them were two of you darlings

Cute little bundles and so charming

Heaven knew better and made you siblings

Truly I see heaven in you, as you are blossoming.

My warm adorables I admire you

My songs and laughter now ring out

My face lifts up at the sight of you

I no longer dread to go out

For with you my life is cute completely

A bundle of laughs you guys are

Each day I watch you grow concretely

I sing How Great You Are

To My awesome God

Who leads and comforts me with His Rod

You are like two peas in a pod

Enjoying life in the City of the Lord.

Children are heritages from the Lord

They are gifts that compliment our lives

Their presence in our world

Make us the custodian of these little lives

We are called to direct, support and guide them to be above the game

They are our responsibilities

To nurture and bring to fame

And teach them to recognize their God-given abilities

King and Edwald, you are here for a purpose

To make positive impact in your generation

Sincerely, you are God’s Beautiful Creation; you do things to good purpose

You make known God’s Power and Glory for your generation.

King and Edwald, truly you are

Gorgeous, Godly and Wonderful Rewards

I am here to give you all my care

Intelligent, Interesting and Excellent kids

You are truly my Great Rewards

You are more precious than expensive beads

Your lots of questions come with mulberry

Like you know I love them so much

Your cheery faces make me merry

I honestly feel special at your tender touch

That is so gentle and sincere

Reminding me you are always there for me.

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