One of the suggestions for weight loss in 2018 is to drink green tea and get enough sleep


Eat raw fruits and vegetables

Additionally, fruits and vegetables provide the body with more energy than other foods, which reduces the body’s desire to eat by quelling hunger and promoting fat-burning.

Keep on moving

According to University of Missouri research, when a person is inactive for four hours or longer, their metabolism slows down significantly. As a result, we advise moving for 10 minutes every four hours or five every two hours to prevent the accumulation of fat.

Do cardio work at the end of your exercise routine

If you already exercise but don’t trust yourself with the routine you follow, at the end of your workout, before spending an hour on a bike or treadmill, perform exercises to build muscle or shape your body (this will help you use up most of the body’s glycogen or stored carbohydrates as energy), so that you start to burn more fat for energy during your cardio training and you won’t burn a combination of fats and carbohydrates.

Sleep well

Leptin is a protein in the blood that suppresses appetite, so if you don’t get enough sleep, your level of leptin will drop. Sleeping for seven to eight hours each night is recommended to maintain a healthy level of this protein, per research from the University of Laval in Quebec. But if you sleep between six and eight hours, this can have an impact on you.

Drink green tea

Three to five cups of green tea per day will help you burn an additional 35% to 43% more fat. You can just take a green tea diet pill if you don’t have time to make your own green tea.

Chew your food for longer

Our body has a flaw that prevents it from recognizing when you’ve had enough to eat after a while. We inherited this flaw from a time when we didn’t know for sure whether we would have food the following day, but today, we can fix this by eating slowly and chewing each bite 12 to 15 times to give our bodies time to feel satisfied.

Eat with children’s cutlery

Using smaller plates and cutlery will help you control the size of your portions and your meals. You will also eat more slowly, which will help you identify when you are full and consume fewer calories.

Eat more Fiber

Add a lot of fiber to your diet to help you lose weight quickly and easily. This will benefit you regardless of your diet or exercise regimen, though the results will come more quickly if you combine the two.

Fiber has a variety of physiological effects on the body, including digestive and rapid satiety. You’ll feel fuller and have more energy throughout the day if the majority of your meals are made up of fiber, protein, and water.

Avoid soft drinks

There isn’t much to say other than sodas are perfect drinks for weight gain, so it’s better to drink water instead, which has no calories and can help you lose up to half a kilo each week.

Keep a Record

This was as a result of those who made the registration being able to calculate their portions more accurately and eating the proper amount.

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