Parental Love Has Power


Love is the most desired emotion in the universe because there are so many different ways to express it. We remember the smallest specifics about how and when we first met someone we love because it is so profound. The love of one or both parents is the only kind of love that is firmly established, perhaps even before we take our first breath of life. They dreamed of and for us long before we were able to. They had only the most ideal conception of what we might become before we arrived, and they spend the rest of their lives concentrating on that. When things go according to plan, there is no love quite like that of a parent for their child.

The life of a parent is changed by children. Their primary concern is no longer themselves or a partner; instead, it is immediately shifted to the needs, safety, and provision of their child… for a lifetime. Their journey through life is widened to include holding hands with someone they will love no matter what turns life takes them in. Parents who make a different decision and raise a child or interest above this typically live a lifetime wondering what might have been. The birth of a child is a great wonder.

The depth of a parent’s love is frequently put to the test by things like illness, disabilities, learning difficulties, behavioral problems, and frequently even drug abuse that may cause their child to change into someone they don’t recognize. However, the solid foundation that exists beneath the indescribable agony, sleepless nights, and indescribable exhaustion is just as strong, if not stronger. It is a parent’s unwavering love for their child.

No matter the challenges or outward signs, it is the parent who can see past them all and cling tenaciously to the idea that their child will overcome every difficulty whole, intact, and capable of realizing a dream or accomplishing a goal. They refuse to concede defeat as they face impossible odds. They will voluntarily endure suffering for their child, wipe away their tears, and envelop them in a love that soothes and enables them to realize how much more life is capable of being than they can currently fathom. This feeling is shared by everyone, so it was undoubtedly intended by our Creator. All of us become better people as a result of these feelings and sense of commitment because they motivate us to choose the noble path and persevere in the face of difficulty.

When a parent loses a child, they are covered in a sadness that is also brimming with hopes, dreams, and all the other feelings that arose from the chance to be a parent and grew into something powerful. It is a wound that never fully recovers, but it can serve as a turning point for them to focus their dedication on something that helps many other people. In an effort to build something from the ashes of their crushed hopes and broken hearts, they reach out and apply this soothing balm to their own wounds. Your future is lost if you lose your child. For that, there is no planning. When we become parents, we automatically feel grateful; this love is greater than all others.

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