Pet Against Nature Contours – PTSD Conquered With Courage

Sometimes there are subtle little hints of humanity unintentionally found.What comes from a little baby bird's plight with my cat is profound!We do no

Sometimes there are subtle little hints of humanity unintentionally found.
What comes from a little baby bird’s plight with my cat is profound!

We do not know the extent of such an experience out of control.
It took all day to coach an infant bird caught in the attic closet to console.

What was the strategy to provide sanctuary to the infant creature unable to fly?
Prayer provided the answer to speak softly to the little one’s cries.

This tiny hatchling reminded me of innocence in trauma.
He or she did not ask to be taken from the happy place into drama.

After getting out of the tearful situation it is not always clear where to go.
A tip is that action is needed to take place right away, not in a month or so.

In this instance it was determined to put the youngster at ease.
What seemed to be the perfect sanctuary was placement out in the breeze.

Immediately the hatchling stopped her cries feeling safe for now.
Direction was needed by the great Counselor with the question, “How?”

Inspiration of how to cloak the innocent was given with contemplation.
In the stillness came its mother whose guidance led to a bush with hopeful elation!

Like the Blessed Mother of Sorrows guides us through prayer and adoration.
She tramples the pouncing cat in our lives that is fear without consolation.

Just when all was thought to be well my cat came back.
He searched the bush and proceeded to attack.

With prayerful intervention the cat was put back in the house and peace restored.
Then PTSD took over again with fear striking as the cat with claws out like a sword.

This time I (like the tiny bird) refused to be fear’s prey.
I gained my strength and chased my cat away!

Now I have put that little ball of feathers way up high.
No longer can that cat reach her as prayer was heard from the sky.

Here is an amazing strategy for keeping the fear at bay.
It comes from that little feathered fluff that could not fly away.

There is a group of flying like creatures that take watch all around.
They are the community of loving friends that alert us to keep fear on the ground.

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