Pregnant Women Need Proper Musculoskeletal Care During Pregnancy


Pregnancy causes musculoskeletal issues in a lot of women. They frequently experience upper back pain, neck pain, and/or discomfort in the pelvic region. This happens as the pregnancy goes on because the baby’s internal weight and size increase, which causes the expectant mother’s posture to change as a result. This article will go over pregnancy-related musculoskeletal problems and possible palliative care. There will also be a case study by the author that will be provided as an example for the reader to use.

Musculoskeletal pain is a common reason for sick leave during pregnancy, according to a recent study that was published in BMJ Open in August 2017. Eight percent of pregnant women who participated in an electronic survey of 6686 new mothers in 12 European nations reported taking sick days for back, neck, or pelvic pain. These results highlight the importance of providing musculoskeletal care during pregnancy to lessen discomfort and sick days.

33 years ago, when I first began my chiropractic practice, I saw a patient by the name of Donna. Donna worked a desk job and discovered that regular chiropractic adjustments kept her neck and lower back pain-free. We kept giving her her regular treatments even after she fell pregnant with her second child. I questioned her about the delivery after she had the child. She said: “At the time of the birth of my first child, I wish I had known about chiropractic adjustments.” She said that compared to her first pregnancy, her second was much easier to carry, and that the delivery process was quicker and more comfortable. Despite there being no complications, she said that her first pregnancy had been difficult because she had not received chiropractic care.

I’ve observed a lot of comparable outcomes over the years. Chiropractic care during pregnancy results in more comfortable pregnancies and simpler, quicker deliveries. These truths have been confirmed by chiropractic research.

There are chiropractic postgraduate courses devoted to using the Webster Technique to treat pregnant patients. The anatomical study of the body’s bones, joints, muscles, and nerves is a focus of training while learning the Webster Technique. There is also instruction on the physiology of pregnancy and its effects on both the expectant mother and the growing fetus. The Webster Technique teaches chiropractors how to perform gentle spinal adjustments to maintain a pregnant woman’s pelvis and lower spine in proper alignment. This method is an alternative safe, gentle, drug-free way of assisting women during pregnancy

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