Rare Discussion of Abortion’s Psychological Effects


The majority of abortions are carried out by women or girls who aren’t prepared to carry a pregnancy to term for various reasons. Financial hardship, which makes the mother feel she can’t provide for the child’s needs, is one important factor. Other causes include being physically abused, being abandoned by a loved one, and depression. Do you have any experience with post-abortion feelings?

They say “choices have consequences”. After having an abortion, you are no longer under any stress for the first few months, but hold on. Afterward, the psychological effects are intolerable. You begin to experience nightmares about how your child might have been. You are perpetually doubting whether you made the right decision.

Oh my God, you start cursing the nurse who helped you get an abortion. Did you know that your former friend and nurse would turn against you? Oh no you didn’t, as the disturbing memories slowly start to keep you awake.

You can’t get a baby’s cries out of your ears. You are broken with longing to hold the tiny bundle of joy as its images keep cropping in your mind. Your mental health starts to deteriorate gradually. Babies are either crying or obscuring your vision wherever you go.

You already look like a zombie that has been revived after a year. Finally, you come to terms with the fact that you were carrying a human being who deserved to be released. Coping has become difficult as the torture continues.

Should I seek out psychological assistance? Could I get my baby back? Am I crazy? No answers to any of these questions. Thoughts occasionally turn to an unintended miscarriage, but no way in hell! Nobody, I suppose, would want to experience that.

A psychologist or psychiatrist eventually helps you by teaching you coping skills. They have assured you that even though you are still confused, you will eventually recover. Hope is gradually returning, and you are moving toward healing. By forgiving yourself, normalcy has been restored; additionally, God is on your side.

Don’t let circumstances steer you in the wrong direction; instead, hold onto that bundle of joy and happiness will come to you. Consider having a baby early. Rethink: Do not worry about your financial situation or a runaway dad as long as you and the baby are both safe. Should there be physical abuse? Locate a more secure place to stay and get in touch with trusted family members. In due course, everything will be fine.

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