Something To Make You Chuckle

I have three things today that I hope give you a chuckle or at least make you  smile. Life can be so serious so much of the time that it's nice to get

I have three things today that I hope give you a chuckle or at least make you  smile. Life can be so serious so much of the time that it’s nice to get a tickle whenever you can. Laughter is good for the soul. It produces feel good chemicals in your body and helps relieve stress. I love it for the feel good chemicals that it produces. Did you know there is even a Laughter Meditation? Yep, that’s right; all you do is laugh through out the entire meditation.


Laughter Meditation is simple and really easy. You can start out by smiling. I am smiling now even as I am typing this, getting ready for the great time that I am going to have. Smiling is good for you too by the way, it immediately changes your mood and brain chemistry. Just try to be mad or upset while you are genuinely smiling. Can’t happen, you’ll probably bust out laughing because it’s so ridiculous. So after smiling just open your mouth and say Ha. This action  should make your abs contract inward. Oh yes laughing is a great work out for your abs also. All that contracting and releasing makes for a pretty good work out to support any other abdominal work out you are doing. So just string a bunch of HaHaHaHa  together and you have a laugh. Try it and see. Hope you have a great time.


When I was a child I would freak out and panic every time I accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed. I thought that a big huge watermelon would then grow in my tummy. I asked my husband did he think the same thing when he was little and he cracked up. It’s crazy to think that now as an adult but in a kid’s mind it is very believable.


“I don’t care if I’m just getting up to go to the bathroom in the morning, I always wear heels” – Emily Maynard, “The Bachelorette”. I read this and started laughing so hard. I just loved it. It spoke to the girly girl part of me. I love being a woman! I love how we can shake and shimmie and wear heels and pants and flowing frilly things that shine and look absolutely gorgeous. I love bunches of curls, loose and cascading down my back and just flowing. And I absolutely love whipping my head so the hair can move and seeing other sisters do it to (they don’t have to be blood or African American, all females are my sisters).

So the above statement bought all of this up for me reminding me why it’s great to be a girl, a woman a female and all the wonderful things that go along with it.

I hope you enjoyed this and it really gave you a chuckle or at least made you smile. I hope it made you think of things that feel good and if it didn’t think of something that does now. Your thoughts and comments are encouraged and appreciated so please feel free to do so. Have a wonderful and spectacular day!

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