The Corona Virus’s long-term effects


The long-term effects of the Covidvirus are becoming apparent. Especially now that cases are on the rise once more, those who have been protecting themselves feel exposed and are reluctant to enter crowded areas. Even mild cases of the virus can cause recurrent illnesses, postviral fatigue, and bronchial complications in those who have experienced it. I know I have been exhausted for months, I have breathlessness, and I still have a persistent cough, but they are improving. Strange symptoms like persistent tiredness, coughing, and breathing problems may take months to heal.

Following the strict isolation for months, my brother is now experiencing clinical depression, as I’m sure many others are as well. There is also, of course, the depression brought on by losing loved ones and friends to the virus. Numerous people in this country and around the world have experienced this.

Early on, there were a shockingly large number of deaths in nursing homes; hopefully, lessons have been learned in case there is another wave this winter. Families that have lost members to the virus as well as those where children have lost parents and grandparents will have been shattered.

Of course, the virus’s impact on the economy is another factor contributing to depression. the insecurity and fear, as well as the loss of jobs and the income they would have generated. Despite the financial assistance the government has set up, many people have slipped through the cracks and are ineligible for the various schemes. Homelessness will unavoidably increase as a result of this.

These are not abstract statistics; they represent actual individuals who have spent their entire lives working to support their families. Some people will have started businesses and be battling to keep them profitable. Many people who cannot bear the pressure any longer will end their lives by taking their own lives as a result of their distress. Nobody can imagine the potential global financial crisis that could result.

Due to the strain of lockdown and the ensuing financial hardship, relationships that were previously a little rocky are breaking down at an alarming rate. In the upcoming months, it is predicted that the numbers will increase fourfold. The number of desperate people trying to feed their families is increasing, and food banks are finding it difficult to keep up.

On a medical note waiting lists for cancer treatments and other medical issues are growing daily as the hospitals have been taken over by Covid patients.

So what can we all do to promote the virus’s spread and help stop a second wave this winter? Respect the rules and refrain from acting selfishly, as some people tend to do at raves and parties, by washing your hands frequently and keeping your distance from others. We can all benefit from adjusting to the new norm as soon as we reduce the spread.

For many people, especially the solitary and lonely, as well as those who miss their loved ones in hospitals but are unable to visit them, the isolation and loneliness of the past few months have been a nightmare. It is in our best interests, as well as the interests of everyone, to be cautious and abide by the rules and suggestions.

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