The Day I Got To Know About My Cancer

As the result came back to my doctor, he contacted me and told me to visit him. As I sat in his office, he said that the outcome was somewhat unclear

As the result came back to my doctor, he contacted me and told me to visit him. As I sat in his office, he said that the outcome was somewhat unclear and that he wanted me for a complete checkup in the hospital. He remitted me to the hospital.

I went there, and they ran a tomography. It is like going back and forth through a big tube, and they can screen all parts of your body. When the doctor had looked at the result, he said that I had to go to another hospital for a closer checkup.

When I was at the other hospital a doctor examined me very thoroughly and after a while, he asked me if I have had blood in my urine. I told him that it was the case, once or twice. He then decided to check my bladder. After he had examined my bladder, he said that they had to fix my bladder. He also took some samples and told me that the result would be ready in about two weeks.

After two weeks I was called back to the hospital and saw another doctor for the first time. She said that she would be my own doctor to be. After some hesitation she told me that the results showed a cancer in my prostate and also in my right kidney. I felt relieved to know these facts and decided that I would beat the cancer.

Now was the time to take care of the tumor in the kidney. My doctor decided that no operation was to be done. Instead they should burn the tumor. The size of it was about one inch. The doctor, who operated on me localized the tumor with ultrasound. As he found it, he told me that he would penetrate my back with a needle and annihilate the tumor. The incision took twenty minutes, and the tumor was gone. During this process, I did not feel anything. It was fantastic, no knife, no blood. In the afternoon, I could return home.

As the kidney was in good shape, we concentrated on the tumor in the prostate. For this purpose, I got hormone preparation to kill the testosterone. I was told to take these hormone pills for nine months. I also got hormone injections three times in the stomach with an interval of three months. After about two months of injections, it was time for the radiation treatment, wich would last for nearly three months. Every morning, except Saturdays and Sundays, I had to get up at 05:30 to drive to the radiation clinic to get a good spot in the queue for radiation. I took it as a job assignment, and it went well.

The radiation sessions were short and painless. It was however, discovered in colonoscopy (looking inside the intestine with an instrument) that the inner side of the intestine had a burn mark at a spot. The investigative doctor decided to take a sample from this area. As he did, he accidentally cut a small artery. It took me an hour until I could get the blood to stop bleeding. Until then I almost fainted from fatigue. The burn mark was from one of the radiation sessions and quite harmless. As a result, of the radiation, my breasts began to grow. My doctor said that I was quite normal, they would, however, stay like that and never get small again.

At first I had a checkup every three months, then once every half a year. Now I return to the clinic for a checkup once a year. As I visited my doctor the following autumn she said that my cancer had disappeared. She was happy to meet a patient that was totally well.

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