The father approves that his daughter may own a dog


After meeting retired squadron leader Tam Gordon and his dog Takoradi, Akosua, a member of Kwame Mainu’s family, fell in love with the large, fluffy dog at first sight. Akodua had been requesting a dog for a while, but Kwame wasn’t sure his daughter would be interested in one for the long haul. After the initial burst of enthusiasm subsided, would she continue to look after the dog and provide regular exercise? As time went on and Akosua and Takoradi went on more walks and played more games together, it became clear that her passion remained unwavering. Kwame was conscious of the impending decision he would have to make.

On a Sunday, Kwame’s front door received a knock. After rushing to open it, Akosua kneeled down and wrapped her arms around the neck of the large dog, calling out, “Takoradi’s come to see us.” Kwame hastened to greet and welcome his guests inside. Tam took a seat after following him into the lounge. After Akosua had taken a generous share for Takoradi, Afriyie soon arrived with water, tea, and the few biscuits that were left. ‘I assumed the girl would be interested in walking Takoradi,’ Tam said.

‘Oh yes, please let me accompany him, Dad.’

‘You can, but I advise avoiding the common and instead visiting the town square or a park.’

‘Thanks Dad.’

Once they had gone, the squadron leader turned to Kwame and said, “Now that Takoradi and I have finished working together, his future must be decided. Even though I told you he was retired, this was actually his last job. He will move to a new home because his service is now officially over. But given how much your daughter has come to adore him, I was wondering if you would agree to give him to her as a possible Christmas present.’

‘Afriyie pleaded with her.

Normally, Kwame took his time making decisions, but he had already decided against Akosua getting a dog. He believed she could now be relied upon to keep up an exercise schedule and contribute significantly to taking care of Takoradi. He also acknowledged that Takoradi would be a great motivator for him to exercise more. He decided to accept Tam’s kind offer as a result. ‘Let’s wait to tell Akosua until you are on your way out, he said.

Is it already four o’clock? the Squadron Leader asked later as Akosua and Takoradi entered from the garden. I must be off.’

‘We’re having such a great time playing hunt the slipper, Oh, must Takoradi leave already, begged Akosua.’

‘Tam stated, “Your father has agreed that Takoradi can stay, but I must leave. Please look after him well.’

‘Does he actually intend to stay?’

‘if you promise to give him a proper workout.’

‘Uncle Tam, I promise I will, I promise.’

‘Could I occasionally visit him?’

‘Of course you can; Takoradi, we’ll always be happy to see you.’

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