The Future of Your Health


Do you exist today, then??? Or this???

Okay, so you’re not 25 (or even close to it?) Anymore

What do you do as a result?

Lie back in your chair and simply accept your advancing years? Nothing you can do about that, anyway (shrugs)?

Alternately, make every day count!

That’s great, but how exactly do we do that??

This and other similar thoughts have been niggling at the back of my mind for a while, and I’m finding it harder and harder to just sit back and wait for old age and, gasp, death to take over. as I’ve read was typical of what people did in the past.

Now, letting this happen is boring even without considering the other factors. Even when I have something creative to do while I sit on the couch, I get restless if I do it for too long.

Being me, I immediately began looking up as many concepts and recommendations as I could. In case there are others out there who would benefit from some ideas, I thought I’d pass along a few that I found so many of.

Here goes.

De-stressing is a phrase that is used frequently these days, but it isn’t always simple to do. One physician (Pablo Quintana, M.D.) said in one of his reports that spending even 10 minutes at a time doing something you enjoy can, if you let it, help you work on beating some of the stresses many of us feel today.

What, then, is the root of your stress? You might need to consult your primary care physician if it is a medical issue. However, if it’s the stress that can result from managing while living on a very small budget; living alone; knowing few people; possibly as a result of moving to a new area; feeling unfit; but not knowing how to even make a START on correcting any of these things, whatever is causing your own personal stress; You CAN make a difference.

I have experienced a number of the things mentioned over the past few years. I was well aware that I needed to help myself first because I was at the “No longer a spring chicken” end of the age spectrum and a fairly recent widow.

So I made the decision, “Onward and upward.”

The Real Story About Calories and Metabolism.

Are there diets that increase metabolism? – NO

However, green tea and chili peppers might provide a quick boost. Much more crucial is a balanced diet with reasonable serving sizes.

Can physical activity increase your metabolism? – YES

More calories are expended by muscle than fat.

Cardio and strength training are both recommended.

Can eating a lot of small meals boost metabolism? – NO

If you frequently overeat at meals, try eating smaller meals.

Total calories consumed are more important than the number of meals.

Is it typical to struggle with weight loss due to a slow metabolism? – NO

One rarely has a slow metabolism.

Speak to your doctor if you are following all the instructions but are still having trouble losing weight.

Alternatives with fewer carbohydrates for bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes.

Bread Swaps

A lettuce wrap works well as a burger bun or taco shell.

For sandwich fillings, Chinese cabbage makes a good wrap.

The pizza crust can be made from cauliflower. among other tasty things.

Pasta Swaps

Excellent spaghetti substitute: spaghetti squash.

Slices of eggplant or zucchini work well for lasagne.

In mac and cheese, cauliflower is equally as delicious as pasta.

Vegetables can be made into noodles by using a vegetable peeler, knife, or spiralizer.

Potato Swaps

Hash browns can be made from grated squash.

Turnip or cauliflower works well as ‘mashed potatoes’

Jicama (Mexican potato) can crisp up just like potatoes

Rutabaga (swede), which can also be riced, gives soups and stews more body.

Rice Swaps

riced or blitzed cauliflower in a blender.

Bulgur, quinoa, or barley are excellent rice substitutes, especially when used as a side dish or in stir fries and soups.

Should I increase my vitamin intake?

Before adding any supplements, first make sure your diet is complete. Unless you follow a particularly unhealthy diet (fish and chips, hamburger and chips, etc.),, every day) you could be already taking all the vitamins you need. Or, you could simply adjust your diet by adding or subtracting one or two items to meet your vitamin requirements.

However, can you naturally add this food if you are missing any necessary ingredients? In the event that it isn’t, consider a supplement for that area of your diet. However, be careful not to overdo it with unnecessary supplements. Additionally, keep in mind that taking too many additional supplements may cause them to pass through your system rather than staying in your body.

Hidden Sources of Trans Fats

It’s not always easy to gain weight, so reading food labels is a good idea. However, the following foods may contain such hidden fat.

cookies, cake, and crackers are all baked goods.

Popular snacks – microwaveable pop corn, potato chips

Fried food – especially from eat out and take away venues

Dough products – including such as frozen pizza and biscuits

Stick butter

Coffee creamers

Vegetable shortening- lard, dripping

The term found on packets in small print “Partially Hydrogenated oil” is another name for artificial trans fat.

Sugar, which is frequently used these days as a preservative, is undoubtedly another unhealthy option. Some of these hidden sugars, under often different names are –

• It has syrup – corn syrup, rice syrup

• the word ends in “ose” – fructose, sucrose, maltose, dextrose

• “sugar” is in the name – raw sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar, confectionary sugar.

These are frequently tucked away among the ingredients on the packet.


Simply go for a walk if you are not in the habit of working out (like I was). Doesn’t have to be long; most of us can manage ten minutes at first. For me, it was just a short walk around the block (20 minutes in total), but there was a slight hill on the way home. When I returned home the first couple of times, I was exhausted. But after about a week, I was willingly extending this.

Walking outside in the fresh air exposes you to vitamin D, which is beneficial for issues with anxiety, sociability, sleep, helps you feel good, helps you focus, supports the immune system, fosters creativity, and aids in weight control. But always “slip, slap, slop.”

Consult your doctor about your health before beginning any exercise program. Your microbiome may be negatively impacted by weight gain because it may encourage certain microbes that use food as fuel and aid in fat storage, which could pave the way for weight gain.

Vegetables, whole grains, and fruit with a high fibre content feed the good bacteria in your colon while inhibiting the growth of some undesirable ones. Yogurt and pickled vegetables, which contain probiotics, are also beneficial to your digestive system. Your microbiome may also be improved by getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and exercising. Probiotics should only be taken with caution, especially if you have any health issues. Consult your doctor first. There are some positive effects of peppermint oil that have been demonstrated.

Maintaining or enhancing your health and fitness through regular exercise can help you balance better. could help manage or lessen the effects of illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and depression.

What are you waiting for then? Get outside and take a walk, even for just a minute, if the weather is dry and not too cold. I have an elderly friend who regularly leaves her nursing home with her walker and goes for walks. even if it just covers the building’s outer edge. Puts me to shame sometimes so I try always to remind myself that –

You’re never Too Old

Recommended for Mature Adults.

Being one of those mentioned above, I couldn’t help myself and had to look up more information that will aid me in living a long, hopefully healthy life. Here are my findings.

Contrary to popular belief, endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility are essential as we age for both health and mood.

swift movement, dancing, etc. improve the health of your heart, lungs and circulatory system. can also make it simpler to climb stairs, mow the lawn, etc.

Increased muscle strength will help with carrying groceries or picking up young children. Strength exercises such as lifting weights—which don’t have to be heavy—or using resistance bands can definitely accomplish this.

Exercises to improve balance can help prevent falls. Exercises to increase flexibility or range of motion can help. Muscles will be toned with the aid of weights. Three times per day, perform quick and prolonged (10 sec) kegel squeezes for the other muscles.

Other activities that can keep our minds active and our moods positive include socializing, reading, playing games, creating crafts, and using computers indoors. A relatively recent experiment involving 30 participants discovered that dancing not only benefits the majority of your muscles but also improves your mood. I participate in a local choir, and each week we practice for our concerts. Group singing has similar benefits. Singing also works because most of us leave work feeling good.

Maintaining a healthy weight is another benefit of the Mediterranean diet.

Always try to keep walkways clear, wipe up spills quickly, and invest in quality lighting. Discover pursuits like Tae Kwon Do, Yoga, etc. to help improve your balance. lowers blood pressure. Cooking with raw, unprocessed foods reduces the amount of hidden sugars in our diet that are present in so many processed foods today. A healthy diet also promotes good health.

Well, those are my research results – So Far

However, I’ll continue to invest time in learning how to stay healthy and, even on a very tight budget, how to put off the day when I’ll need help.

So, to all of us over 25: Onward and upward. Why be exclusive, did I say 25? Over 21, you have a better chance of living a fit and healthy old age if you break bad habits early. Very Good Luck and habits to you all

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