The Importance of Pet Names


In a relationship, it’s common to use cutesy or affectionate nicknames, also referred to as pet names. They matter just as much in a regular relationship as they do in a long-distance one.

Don’t let it bother you that you call your partner by a cutesy nickname; it may irritate others. It’s a sign of a very solid and healthy relationship, according to researchers, they say.


  1. A Higher Level of Intimacy – It should be pretty clear what this means. Since there are only two of you, using pet names instead of real names sounds more intimate. A sense of originality is created.
  2. Creates A Boundary/Exclusiveness – That’s according to the book How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It. Because those nearby can tell you are committed to each other when they overhear your cutesy conversation, it serves as a way to signify that the relationship is exclusive. I understand that in the context of a long-distance relationship, situations of this nature don’t really occur frequently, but two of you can still sense the exclusivity of the other. After some time, when you actually encounter each other, the feelings will just explode, confining the two of you to your two-person world. What occurred to me was this. We were unable to pay attention to the events taking place around us when I finally had the chance to see my girlfriend after a long time. We give each other our complete attention. Pet names won’t actually cause this to happen, but they will undoubtedly make it sweeter. When you are talking on the phone or sending text messages to your long-distance partner while you are apart, the sense of exclusivity is particularly crucial.
  3. Signs of Alert – She abruptly addressing you by your real name is a clear sign that the two of you have started to refer to each other by pet names. It may imply one of two things. First of all, it’s because she’s upset with you over something. Second, she is making fun of you and making jokes. It’s more likely that the former will occur. You’ll have to interpret it for yourself based on the tone and context.


  1. About The Awkwardness – I understand that calling your partner by the new nickname feels a little awkward and that you might feel self-conscious. Fear not; I’ve gone through something similar before and it’s completely normal. It’s like the awkwardness when you want to say “I love you” for the first few times. Simply say it as naturally as you can for a few days. You’ll both get used to it eventually. If you don’t use the nickname immediately after, you’ll feel strange.
  2. Address Your Lover At The Beginning of Every ConversationBad example: “What are you doing?” Good example: “Why are you doing that, baby?” Before any sentence, use their pet names to address them. It has a much more personal sound.
  3. Respect Each Other – Never forget to show your lover respect. Avoid using pet names that the person dislikes. The suggestion is to start calling your significant other by some of your favorite pet names. More conversations about this will result from it. Whether he or she likes the pet name is clear from the conversation. Simply choose a different option the next time if you think your partner won’t like it. Another strategy is to ask your partner outright if you can call him or her by their pet name. Usually, your partner won’t mind what you call him or her. Just… Don’t be shy!

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