The Real Story on Carbs, Obesity, and Diabetes


Are the producers of food products aware of the harm they are doing to the country? Yes, we are accountable for the food we put in our bodies, but for many things, we have no real choice. Consider breakfast cereal, which is popularly consumed as a quick and convenient meal. I checked my packets to find corn-flakes contained 2g per 30g serving with a total 27.5g carbohydrates and bran-flakes a supposedly healthy option contained 4.1g per 30g serving with a total of 27g carbohydrates, hopefully many are good carbs.

Also 30g is a very meagre serving The majority of people, I believe, have doubled!

From soup and baked beans to ready meals, everything contains hidden sugar. Even if you make an effort to lead a healthy lifestyle, TV advertisements for the widest selection of chocolate bars imaginable will undermine your efforts. not to mention sugar-filled soft drinks! In fact, everywhere has sweets and snacks on display, including gas stations, newsstands, corner stores, and supermarkets.

Currently, 63% of UK adults are reported to be overweight or obese, but there is good news: some experts and recent trials suggest that the crisis may be caused by people consuming too many of the wrong kind of carbs.

Recently, I watched a program that categorized different types of carbohydrates. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, bread, etc. all contain green or good carbs, which also contain fiber, an essential component for health. Beige carbohydrates can be found in foods made with white flour, such as white bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits, white rice, and potatoes. The products with white backgrounds are clearly sweetened.

Both of the latter groups need to be reduced because they all break down into sugars, which, if not used up through exercise, are stored as fat in the body. Green carbs, on the other hand, have bigger molecules and fiber, which means they leave the body without being turned into fat.

There is currently some exciting research demonstrating that by changing our diets, even class 2 diabetics can be reversed by removing these unnecessary carbs and focusing on green carbs and a healthy diet.

In fact, a study with a group of diabetics revealed that not only had each participant lost half a stone in just two weeks, but that they were also developing pre-diabetes and may eventually be able to reverse the condition with diet.

We are currently the fattest country in Europe, and type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic levels.

Obesity and diabetes are responsible for many premature deaths and ill-health and are causing strokes, heart disease, amputations, and cancer, also loss of sight and general ill-health

We need to act IMMEDIATELY, so why wait when something as straightforward as altering our diets and increasing our exercise can turn things around?

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