Three Persuasive Scriptures For Fighting Mental Illness And Becoming COVID-Immune


Our mental paradigms must be modified to incorporate higher levels of pure mental silence, awareness that enables disease-free consciousness and purifying transcendence, if mental well-being is to flourish in a healthy, maximal, and spiritual way, particularly depression during COVID.

The ‘copy and paste’ religious belief systems of the past have been replaced by mature, independent thought, integrated souls operating through spiritually evolved intellects, and a level of cosmic consciousness through which the heart “sees” and intuits [Reality] beyond falsity.

However, we must exercise caution in this situation because, while it may be possible to give up on organized religion for any reason, doing so does not make one give up on God. This is because God cannot be given up on because of evolution and the myriad laws of nature.

The Transcendent, who created the natural laws, appointed evolution as a process. Through the process of evolution, this Transcendent Power keeps at work inside each of us, guiding us toward more developed perceptions of inner Reality as distinct from outer programming. In other words, despite a person’s “decision” to possibly abandon organized religion, God-Force continuously works WITHIN everyone to bring the human soul back together with God — to Source AS Spirit Soul. This is accomplished through evolution. On evolution, more later.

Self-Transcendence – Intuiting The Sacred

Many people have been left feeling the need to transcend themselves in order to defeat the coronavirus through physical or spiritual means. Having intuition is a divine response to action, to what we can do in terms of COVID and mental health.

Developing spiritual leadership understanding is more important than ever all over the world. In this situation, on a personal level, the Sacred within you needs YOU to create Pure Thought space in your own mental environment in order to develop self-immune consciousness. By doing this, you will develop health-emanating stillness and generate antibodies that will quickly come forward to establish not only a virus-free consciousness moving forward but also total good mental health through natural means. Self-transcendence, according to this result, is simply the act of elevating our meditational consciousness above our external affairs and related consciousness.

Practically speaking, the transition from ordinary awareness to divine consciousness, or self-transcendence, only requires that we focus our mental compass inward during meditation in order to reach this state of consciousness.

Transcendental consciousness establishment will ultimately triumph over COVID, ushering in a spiritual-maintenance approach to full mental and physical health in our own lives and globally in the future.

Esoteric scriptures are without a doubt the trustworthy method for establishing transcendental consciousness, allowing the animalistic mind standard that was born to undergo change—alchemy from base level “DE-pressed” consciousness to function blissfully or transcendentally in “EX-pressed” consciousness. So, the secret to reducing the effects of mental fatigue or mood swings is to express bliss consciousness.

Let’s expand on this theme of mental health by analyzing three key verses that have a direct bearing on it as well as how to stop the pandemic naturally and self-defense.

Luke 9-58 states:

‘The Son of Man has nowhere to lay down and rest; birds have nests, foxes have holes.

It is clear that the surface interpretation of this heavily coded sentence is not its intended meaning. These old sayings have a hidden benefit of naturally boosting mental health and COVID resilience, but this benefit is lost at a practical level unless these sayings are understood in an esoteric sense.

‘The birds in this passage stand for the “fowl of the air” described in Genesis, which are non-soul-serving thought patterns that have “nested” in the subconscious and deeper mental regions.

‘Foxes represent cunning, strife, and selfishness; as a result, they seek refuge in secure locations, such as fox holes, to avoid being discovered.

As a result, in the deeper mind, “foxholes” have been constructed by the “birds” of lower thought nature, from which they can spread negativity and low mental energy.

How does “son of man” relate to “birds” and “foxes”?

Luke 9-57 puts it:

“As they went on their way, a man said to Jesus, I will follow you wherever you go”.

‘Following the biblical Jesus entails imitating the Ideal or Perfect Soul symbolism for which the name “Jesus” stands. Jesus thus stands for Perfect MIND, the spiritually Enlightened consciousness, or the God-given Potential that resides within each of us.

The term “son of man” in this verse refers to the offspring of the lower nature of the mind, with “man” standing in for the mind.

The biblical Jesus is thus revealing that man (carnal mind) cannot “follow” Jesus, [Enlightened mind] AS “son of man” into the kingdom of health, happiness, and bliss consciousness because such a lower state of mind is incompatible with divine consciousness because divine status can only know Itself through Itself.

‘Son of Man is a metaphor for a subliminal lower mind law and its non-spiritual dynamics, such as ignorance of the origin of mental/physical health and COVID Immunity.

‘Son of Man is a metaphor for residual programming from previous lives, conditioning that is rooted in duality consciousness, in opposites like good and bad, love and hate, like and dislike, possible and impossible, as well as depressive or negative attitudes toward healing, health, and happiness.

Lower nature, which lacks the ability to relate in a spiritual or loving way, inherently distinguishes between Immutable Truth—inner healing, compassionate, transformative well-being, and the expression of love consciousness—and only recognizes illness and negativity.

Because it is impractical for lower nature to rest while also existing in pure consciousness, the “son of man” has nowhere to rest or lie down.

Involution — Evolution in Relation to ‘Son of Man’

Humanity is perpetually undergoing cycles of involution and evolution. When Spirit descends into matter and creates the physical body, the process of “evolution” to return to Wholeness begins. In this regard, the human soul is born with five senses calibrated to an animalistic level, along with an undeveloped intellect and no spiritual development. We arrive here with the initial capacity to experience only in the carnal sense consciousness, which is the level of involution THROUGH which we develop and become higher consciousness.

We are born with a non-discerning intellect that interprets “reality” through conditioned awareness and are initially equipped to experience through an animalistic standard of perception. Thus, the goal of our existence on earth is to undergo a metamorphosis similar to that of a caterpillar into a butterfly, emerging from the cocoon of the son of mortal man to reach eternal Son of God consciousness and beyond. Humans become transformed from “son of man” to “angelic son of God” through this improbable carnal/cocoon involution, advancing soul evolution toward higher states of Spirit consciousness.

We can see from the involution/evolution viewpoint that humans must also arrive on earth with a partially developed immune system.

Meditation is without a doubt important and crucial when it comes to building self-immunity and naturally overcoming COVID.

Almost all mental suffering in humans has its roots in lingering chronic stress and a lack of higher-self-expression; ignoring this yearning for spiritual evolution and mental health is the root cause of both.

The human soul remains subject to subconscious law until we awaken consciously from this involutionary slumber, upholding the “son of man” standard in perpetuity: conditioned intellect without the capacity for spiritual discernment and without Resolute mental awareness. There is nowhere that will provide the mind with the eternal bliss-health consciousness that it instinctively seeks.

Meditation and the Immune System

Stress weakens the immune system, whereas meditation strengthens it by increasing levels of antibodies that can react to potential viral attacks and stop them. Therefore, regular daily meditation releases mature T-cells, lymphocytes, or antibodies from the thymus gland to protect against foreign antigen invasion by establishing transcendental consciousness and a stress-free physiology.

Mental illness and mood swings are caused by a cycle that meditation breaks. In light of this, skipping over “the transcendent present moment” during meditation is a costly mental health mistake.

The truth is that mental health already exists as potential bliss-consciousness and only needs to be infused into the mind. Meditation increases the mind’s conscious ability to withstand ever-deeper bliss-natured silence by eradicating any lingering subconscious stress.

Mind-centered practices that promote mental stability, brain coherence, and the capacity for complete concentration include yoga and mantra meditation. Therefore, concentration is a result of meditation rather than a prerequisite for its practice.

Raja (royal) yoga (unity) is a form of seated yoga that includes meditation. In this situation, meditating on the sacred sound AUM while hearing it inwardly would be a great way to stimulate your mind.

Jesus said: After Judas (son of man / lower-ego) had left (when the fox became exposed):

“Now God’s glory is revealed through him” Luke 13-31

Bible translation: When the “son of man” standard is surrendered in meditation, the higher mind (the “him”) ascends to the “son of God,” becoming awakened to the Sacred within. ‘The biblical term “son of God” refers to souls who, through inner contemplation, have vanquished Goliath, the “son of man,” within, resulting in the redemption, salvation, or transcendence of the human soul to transcendental eternal consciousness.

Thus, the Light that drives out the “son of man’s” darkness—depressed consciousness—quickly establishes bliss—mental—health—consciousness, including built-in resistance to COVID.—Key-to-Defeating-Coronavirus-Naturally&id=10462129

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