\"Unplanned" Movie Review

I'm glad Abby's story was told. I wouldn't take pre-teen children to see it but I would take 16 to 18 year-old boys and girls to see it after

I’m glad Abby’s story was told. I wouldn’t take pre-teen children to see it but I would take 16 to 18 year-old boys and girls to see it after discussing it with them first and afterward. It is graphic but does tell the reality of the topic.

Before ultrasound technology, people assumed a fetus was just a blob that didn’t feel anything. Boyfriends and parents pressured teen girls to “take care of it”. Even some Christian people still think it’s OK.

I would not judge a victim of rape or incest who was placed in the position of making a tough decision. I also would not picket with horrifying shouting of “baby killers”. What we see today however, is abortion being used as birth control.

Education has made progress but this movie brings it to life by a real testimony. Most people don’t know that Roe vs. Wade was based on a situation in which Norma McCorvey didn’t end up having the abortion. Her baby was placed for adoption. Chai Ling shared her story in “A Heart for Freedom”. In China, women have forced abortions. In America, people think it’s a right. The movie “October Baby” portrayed survivors of abortion and there have been those who have told those stories.

It seems to me that controversial issues are many times against those who are standing up for what’s right. The challenge is both sides think they are right. I’m grateful for my Christian foundation which helps me discern right from wrong. To me, I can’t imagine any doctor not having a conscience being the hand performing the abortion that is not medically needed.

I think of Jesus saying from the cross, “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” Abby forgot for a time, the emotional and physical turmoil of her own two abortions. When her eyes were literally opened, she understood. Those who had been praying for a long time were there to surround her with love in that moment. They did not judge her but just brought healing.

The previous supervisor who brought the lawsuit against Abby thought intimidation would prevail. I think of a line in the song “Waiting in the Wings”, “evil may have it’s time the spotlight, but love is waiting in the wings”.

We can use this story as a way of reaching out to young women who are in a difficult life situation. Showing them love and walking with them may save two lives.

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