Vitamin D – Research Indicates Vitamin D Is Beneficial for Depression


Sunlight is essential for life and health for all of us. This is the main supply of vitamin D. Everywhere in the body are receptors for vitamin D. Around 1 billion people worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency due to its extreme prevalence.

Our levels of vitamin D, which have been linked to depression, can be significantly reduced when we spend a lot of time indoors, whether out of choice or for other reasons. It has been established that vitamin D exists in the brain and that it stimulates serotonin production. An essential neurotransmitter that affects mood, sleep, and numerous other biological and brain processes is serotonin. Depression can result from low serotonin levels. In the winter a lack of exposure to the sun can be accompanied by the so-called “winter blues”.

Serotonin is believed to be important in both the prevention and treatment of depression as well as in determining how susceptible we are to developing depression, according to research.

Here is a couple of studies:

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