We are not permitted to think two thoughts at once!


Our brains are amazing and capable of almost anything, but they cannot simultaneously process two thoughts. One idea follows another in our mind. The concept of taking turns forces our thoughts to cooperate. We therefore have the ability to stop a negative thought from turning and begin a new turn with a different thought whenever we catch ourselves thinking negatively and that little voice in our head is telling us that we aren’t good enough to try something new.

If we don’t let it, that negative thought from before can’t remain there. Another idea can occupy that space. A useful power to have is the ability to change one’s thoughts and give another one a chance. The ability to choose the next thought that enters one’s mind is one of the best powers we all possess. This power extends beyond choosing the next random or even similar-type logical thought. Any idea that comes to mind can be the next one. Decide on a positive, empowering thought by being wise and deliberate.

That old negative thought and his negative friends can’t come back as long as we choose to have that positive thought in our minds, which puts us in control. In actuality, since our brains are incapable of processing two ideas at once, no negative thoughts of any kind will be able to enter our minds. The negative thoughts are simply out of luck and left out in the cold if the positive thoughts won’t let them take over the driving seat in our minds.

Now, young people, go out there and learn, lead, and create a better world for all of us. It’s important to keep in mind that we cannot think of two thoughts at once. In order to prevent negative thoughts from entering our minds at any given time, we must train our brains to think only positive thoughts. And once more, thank you very much for everything you do and will do…

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